Remedies for Healthy Eyesight at Old Age

Adults may develop eyesight issues with their growing age. It is most common in the age group of 50-60. There are higher chances to face issues related to distances at this age.  As we age with time, we may be required to wear contact lenses or prescription glasses.

Listed below are some remedies to help you keep a clear vision with your growing age.

Regular Eye Check-Ups:

It is vital to have regular eye checkups to keep a track of the health of your eyes. Eye tests at regular intervals can help pick up diseases like glaucoma, melanoma and cataracts at a very early stage. It is better to treat them early when they are easier to cure.

Regular eye tests like adjusting prescriptions, alignment check-ups, eye tone correction and retinal exams are the most basic eye test routines that one must follow. This will help you maintain better eyesight, as well as keep a watch for disease beyond vision.

Wear the Required glasses or lenses:

Wearing the correct prescription glasses will improve the quality of your eyes. It will also reduce the risk of developing weaker eyesight with time. To determine if you require a prescription glass or not, you can sign up for a basic eye test appointment.

Maintain a Proper Diet:

Eye conditions like Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts can be easily prevented by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. An adequate amount of fruits and vegetables is recommended to maintain healthy eyesight

Vegetables rich in vitamin A like carrots are good for the long-term benefits of your overall vision. You can also include foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, and copper in your diet for better eyesight.

Food rich in antioxidants like sweet potatoes, leafy greens, pumpkins, and eggs can help your tackle disease like macular degeneration. Coldwater fishes like wild salmon, mackerel, and cod are rich in nutrients like fatty acids and DHA. They help maintain better cell membranes in your eyes.

Wearing UV-protected sunglasses:

Direct Sunlight has the ability to damage one’s eyes. They may also increase the chances of developing conditions like cataracts. Contact lenses or Sunglasses with a good built-in UV filter grade will help protect your eyes in stronger sunlight, especially the harmful UV Rays.

Quit Smoking:

There are increased chances of developing serious conditions like Macular degeneration and cataract in smokers. It is beneficial to quit smoking to maintain better eyesight. Quitting smoking can also increase the antioxidants in your body. Therefore help you develop better eyesight in your old age.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight:

Obesity or being overweight increases the risk of developing diabetes. This might as well lead to loss of eyesight in the future.

Work in Good Lighting environments:

Adults above 60 require 3 times more light than adults in their 20s to see well. Therefore increasing the amount of daylight that enters your room by maintaining cleaner curtains is beneficial. You may also keep the curtains pulled back to let more sunlight enter your home.

Maintaining good electric lighting by the night in your house is also beneficial. For work and study purposes, you can use direct light from a moveable table or study lamp. Position it in a way so that you may not have to stress your eyes to read a page.

Regular Exercise:

Regular and well-coordinated exercise can be beneficial for you to maintain good blood circulation and oxygen in your eyes. This will help your eyes perform better in old age.

Good Sleep:

A good sleep lubricates your eyes continuously. This clears out harmful irritants, particles of dust and smoke from your eyes, that accumulates by the day.

Eye-friendly environments:

There are numerous things that we come across every day, that may be harmful to our eyes. For example, working for a longer time in front of a laptop or computer, swimming in pools with chlorinated water or working in dim fluorescent lights may damage your eyesight. One should keep a check to avoid such environments for the wellbeing of their eyes.

Giving adequate rest to the eyes:

Even closing or resting your eyes for a few seconds can help you maintain a good vision with your growing age. You must close your eyes for at least a few minutes every day especially when working hard. If your work involves working in front of a computer screen or even reading for longer periods then resting your eyes for a few minutes helps them rejuvenate. This is one of the simplest -exercises to protect your eyes from over-exhaustion or fatigue.

Maintaining a good vision at old age can be challenging. However, an improved lifestyle, good nutrition, and eye check-ups at regular intervals can help you maintain good eyesight with your growing age.

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