International Pancake Day-How About Making a Pancake Today

Sweet, savory, and fluffy, pancakes are undeniably one of the most popular and oldest food options across the globe. They are rich in carbohydrates and vitamins and serve as a healthy way of giving a boost to the day. But what is so special about this layered food item, and why it has been made such a pliable option worldwide.

The idea of celebrating Pancake Day is because of the initiation of the Lent period. This also marks a 40 days calendar to the beginning of the Easter days. During the Lent period, items like eggs, flour, sugar, and fat are not allowed to be consumed, hence leaving the only option of Pancakes to use them up. A tasty alternative to indulging in pancakes can be eaten with a variety of dressing like berries, Nutella, honey, or maple syrup. And they are versatile too! That means pancakes are acceptable at any time of the day.

Old age is one of the crucial periods in the life of any person as he/she starts to notice a lot of transitions gradually. While some of these might be very smooth, others end up frustrating a person. It is at this point that Club TriBeCa helps you to gain control over your lifestyle with the workshops. The different workshops held under our membership program have undeniable benefits. On this International Pancake day, the program is taking a step further by introducing a bakery workshop for seniors.

Filled with various opportunities, the workshop will help you to learn a new skill or find an old one. The bakery class keeps you involved and engaged for a long time and for the right amount of reasons. Apart from giving lessons on how to bake a Pancake effortlessly for the children and grandchildren, the workshop gives importance to creating a delicious dish with some of the common ingredients. A basic pancake recipe consists of common ingredients like flour, eggs/milk, cream, and baking powder, which are whisked together and poured over a pan. In the end, the stack of cakes is finished off with maple syrup/honey.

With ingredients so simple and a recipe so essential, Pancakes can be ruled out as one of the most favored foods around the globe. These healthy creations are found in every cuisine and due to their popularity with the masses, even a particular day is dedicated to them.

On this upcoming Pancake Day participate in the bakery workshop organized by the club and bake a dish for your family with utmost love and affection.

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