The US Job or Parents in India: Who to Choose?

lonely parents

Isn’t a well-paid job in the US tempting?

Better lifestyle, better money making possibilities, and better career prospect! – A first world country guarantees all of these, which India is still far from.

But then what about the lonely parents? Will not they feel empty nested after their children are settled abroad or even in a different city?

Indeed, it is a tricky situation, because almost everyone looks forward to their personal growth, physical well-being and peace of mind.

According to a survey done by India Today, the average age of India will be just 27 in 2020. It means, the majority of the country will encompass students and youth. But even now with the clock ticking, the unemployment crisis is raging the country, and the future looks pretty dark. That is why, staying abroad is a lucrative offer, and thinking about parents often takes a backseat.

Majority of the youth are of the opinion that staying abroad will let them earn enough to meet all the requirements of the family back home. Most of the youth want to travel vastly and see the world.

Moreover, if they choose to leave the job prospect abroad that they are so passionate about, they might end up doing something they do not like. This may have negative effects on the mental health and personality and may affect the relationship with the family members in a bitter way.

In this quest for successful career and luxurious lifestyle, parents are often left behind. Parents who had sacrificed all their lives to provide the best to you. However, that does not necessarily mean that children want to desert their family. But nonetheless, it bogs down to that particular question of choosing between the family back in India and a career abroad.

Parents who have already seen their children happily settling abroad and are battling empty nest syndrome every day, would definitely explain how they have spent their entire life and resource on children’s upbringing. They did not pursue any other interests, passion or activities or even spiritual well-being in fear of losing focus from making their children a top-notch.

But as children decide to move out of the country, parents are put in such a spot, where they have no clue what else to do with their time. Their life becomes solitary. They have nothing to look forward to. A call from their child everyday/week is the highlight of their lives. So all they need is YOU being with them to make them happy. Not money, fame or fancy Facebook photos, cars or houses.

Then what is the way out? How to maintain a balance between your work and our beloved parents?

In such cases what you CAN do is, shoulder your responsibilities with professionals in this field. Organizations like TriBeCa takes care of aged parents whose children are abroad. They not only cater to the health needs but look after their everyday issues like shopping, visiting a relative, calling a plumber and even talking their heart out.

Life is all about making individual choices. It is never fair and square. You have to sacrifice something to gain something. So, a job in US or parents back at home is not a dead-end situation. Honestly, a balance can be maintained and things can work out in favour of both!

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