Why We Gain Weight As We Age?

age related weight gain

Gaining weight depends on the amount of calories you gain daily. But have you ever wondered why we gain weight as we age? Because of poor diet, genetic problem, changes in lifestyle, social issues, medications and hormonal changes causes. It occurs mostly in women. You may face difficulty in sitting or rising after sitting for a long time because you are carrying extra weight what your body actually obtains. Therefore, you are finding difficulty in sitting or standing for a long time, leg cramps and back pain.

There are certain reasons why we gain weight as we age:


  1. As we grow older, we tend to move less or exercise less and that puts up some more calories in the body.
  2. When we are younger our body muscles changes reasonably quickly and the muscle tissue uses a lot of calories. As we age, we tend to lose muscles and burn less calories which is one of the reasons why we gain weight as we age.
  3. After 30 years of age, we tend to lose muscle tissues and pick up body fat.
  4. As we age, we should change our diet plans but we tend to take too many calories as we used to do in 20’s, which can gain your weight as you age.
  5. As we age, because we do less movements our eating habit changes and that causes accumulation of fat in our body.
  6. Stress can change your metabolism which causes your body to gain fat tissues.


Steps that you can use to prevent gain weight as you age:


  1. Eat the right food: Eat healthy, regular and balanced foods to lose weight. Eat protein food like, banana, apple, carrot, broccoli, eggs, milk, yogurt, peanuts, fish and soybean. If possible, drink 1005 fruit juice everyday in breakfast and drink water. Try to avoid oily foods and don’t leave your stomach empty.
  2. Change your diet plan: Consult with your doctor and follow a prescribed diet that will help you to burn fat and helps to reduce weight.
  3. Regular exercise: Exercising can help you be healthy and active for the whole day. It can help you to reduce weight, minimize age-related problems like, muscle pains and it will always helps you be energetic and active.
  4. Yoga: Join a yoga class at least once in a day that will keep you relaxed, strengthen your muscles and easy movements of your body or you can also follow online videos to practice Yoga.
  5. Listen to your body: If you want to lose weight, listen to your body. When you’re tired take rest, drink water.Excessive exercise can harm your body though.
  6. Keep a diary: Create a routine for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole day. Avoid junk food. Write down what you eat the whole day, exercise you do, how much water you drink the whole day and then consult with an expert.


These steps can help you to track your everyday routine and will help you to reduce weight.

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