Yoga Therapy or Yoga Class: What to Choose?

yoga therapy international yoga day

Yoga brings up the hidden energy in you!

Yoga basically deals with a cluster of mental, physical as well as spiritual practices. From the practice’s point of view, Yoga is therapeutic in nature. Still, there are some major differences between Yoga therapy and a Yoga class.

It is important to understand the variations before taking a call on which of the two is ideal for an individual.

Yoga therapy applies the whole science of yoga to provide a greater effect on health as well as healing. On the other hand, a yoga class provides more of a generalized approach towards one’s movement and sometimes towards meditation.

On this International Yoga Day, let us discuss the two aspects in detail to better understand, which one will be ideal for individuals:

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy adopts a holistic approach towards solving different kinds of mental, physical, psychological and spiritual problems.

Nowadays, more people are inclined towards attaining the benefits of Yoga therapy. There are three aspects linked with the therapeutic nature of Yoga. They include:

  • The first one is just like any physical therapy. It makes use of Asana for the rehabilitation of injuries, chronic pain at moderate levels or to assist someone in regaining functional energy.
  • The second aspect is the same as psychotherapy. In this, it uses different principles and practices related to the mental and emotional levels of individuals.
  • The third aspect is related to what the philosophy of Yoga is all about. It professes that the problems in our lives emerge from us being in a complete state of unawareness of our actual spiritual nature.

Yoga Class

Yoga Class takes a much generalized approach towards one’s movement, posture and sometimes in terms of meditation. There is a Yoga Instructor, who conducts a Yoga class. Let us take a look at some of the key aspects related to Yoga Class:

  • In a Yoga Class, an instructor will let people focus on the alignment of a yoga pose, the breathing techniques and relaxation.
  • Individuals receive instructions as well as proper education on appropriate techniques of yoga.
  • The instructors in Yoga classes, present different poses of Yoga as an exercise that has a therapeutic effect.
  • People make self-realization of themselves through the philosophies of yoga.

Which one is good for you?

Now, having looked at the details of Yoga Therapy as well as Yoga Class, we can easily conclude that going for Yoga Therapy is a much better proposition for people.

Let us briefly look into the reasons:

  • Yoga therapy leads to individual attention from therapists, while an instructor in a Yoga Class adopts a generalized approach.
  • Secondly, yoga instructors are not well versed with the nitty-gritty of yoga therapy.
  • Nowadays, there are a number of people suffering from emotional or mental health problems due to stress from work and other household problems. For those people, indulging in yoga therapy would be ideal.

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