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A woman is a Durga you live with everyday. Her shades of emotion are based on the situation she’s in. They say that showing your emotions is a sign of strength, and it’s no different for a woman.

A woman effortlessly switches from the role of a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, friend, and the other roles that she takes over. Each of these roles requires her to display emotions that are varied from the other. She keeps her emotions in check and blends into each of these roles with complete ease.

Like Durga, she plays several roles and displays 9 avatars that keep the ball of life rolling in every family.


As a woman takes up different roles in her life, love is an emotion that comes naturally to her. She nurtures, inculcates values to those close to her with love, especially her kids. Goddess Durga is the best example of a woman who is the epitome of love and affection.


Anger is a strong emotion, but at the end of the day, it’s the spirit of not giving up and gaining control of your anger that helps you lay a solid foundation of belief—a belief of not giving up to wrath.


In a chaotic world, she is the one who instills discipline. Instead of letting her emotions get the best out of her, she disciplines herself to manage her reactions in all situations


A woman is devoted to every role that she plays in her life. She takes on all her responsibilities with love and devotion and ensures that she never loses her character


She is always known to spread joy wherever she goes, and no matter how difficult her duties are, a woman is known to perform all her duties with a big smile on her face


There may be moments when a woman is sad, but she doesn’t let that feeling affect those close to her. She fulfills her responsibilities and keeps those happy around her at all times


A woman is a force to be reckoned with. When she has the notion that her loved ones might be in trouble, she acts as a shield and gets the courage to eliminate the evils surrounding her loved ones


Be it Mahishasura who was killed by Goddess Durga or the evil prevalent today—a woman leaves all her fear behind to fight evil, teach others a good lesson, and keep her modesty intact


When a woman is kind, she helps develop a sense of interconnections with others. This simple act of kindness is what has helped families stay together since generations.

A woman is the core to the existence of mankind. Women are more prone to express what they’re thinking and how they feel.

This Durga Puja, let’s celebrate her! Let’s celebrate your everyday Durga!

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