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TriBeCa Care provides a platform beyond medical, paramedical and non-medical services. Our platform provides space to build a community culture. A community where people can share their experiences, volunteer, ask questions and build a strong support system.

TriBeCa Care is also providing a platform for doctors and care workers to contribute their knowledge and advice to those who need it. From medical and paramedical training to marketing services, the focus is to build an entire network of skilled care workers to provide the best elder care services.

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In the years since we have co founded TriBeCa Care we have kept alive the belief that ours must be more than delivery of effective and efficient home healthcare. Community initiatives are at the core of TriBeCa Care. These community initiatives enrich lives and bring people together to share experiences, to lean on and learn from. These are small beginnings.
Center of Excellence

Centre of Excellence

Recognizing that one of the biggest gaps in care is lack of time and therefore attention, TriBeCa Care brings a set of highly skilled doctors to make available individualized and personalized care. Appointments are at a minimum of 30 minutes apart, allowing each patient to have complete and uncompromised attention and focus.

Services for Doctors

Services for Doctors

TriBeCa Third Arm is a specialized cell of Eastern India’s Largest Eldercare and Home Health Platform. Third Arm brings together ATL, BTL and digital expertise to systematically plan and execute brand development for a doctor and his key skills, and essentially leverages all relevant forms of brand building to create an online relationship management.

Under The Mango Tree

Under the Mango Tree

TriBeCa Care has launched fully function, daily mentoring support group services at the Salt Lake Clinic. The plan includes expert advice and moderation by doctors and health professionals across all categories: including but not limited to: general health, diabetes educator, physiotherapists and [psychological counselor, nutritionist and dentist.

Home Alone

Home Alone

Home Alone is an attempt to shine a light on the trials and triumphs of Elder Care. “Ordinary People. Extraordinary Lives.” is a catalog of shared experiences: an audit of how people deal with lives that must be lived far away from the parents they love. A place to raise their voice about how best they cope with the anxieties and how much they cherish the satisfaction of crisis averted.

Nurse, Ayah Training and Placement

Training & Skill Development

Trained nurses, GDAs and health workers are a necessity and not a luxury for patients either in hospital or at home. TriBeCa Care has started a training and skill development program for nurses  and GDAs under our community service, to provide skilled nurses at home and also hospitals.

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