COVID Care at Home

Tribeca Care provides COVID Care at Home in Kolkata for your loved ones.

  1. Emergency Support for the Elderly
  2. 24-Hour ICU/ITU nurses and attendants
  3. Remote Covid Monitoring for Mild/Asymptomatic patients
  4. COVID-19 Testing at Home
  5. Medical Devices for Vital Checks

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Our COVID Services

Customised Elder Care

24/7 Emergency Response

With more than 8000 emergencies handled to date, TriBeCa Care’s 24/7 Emergency Support is a unique offering to our Elder Care members. From providing a 24/7 Emergency Helpline to arranging ambulances in the middle of the night or admitting patients to hospitals, the Emergency Response service is widely used by TriBeCa members.

COVID Home Care

24-Hours Premium Nurses/Attendants

We provide full-time ICU/ITU premium nurses and attendants for COVID patients at the comforts of your home. Our trained team of doctors, hospital brothers, premium nurses, general duty & patient care attendants can handle a variety of care needs.

Remote Health Monitoring

Daily Vital Checks. Assisted Telemedicine.

We have Remote Health Monitoring for COVID patients with mild symptoms. Our technology-driven platform and dedicated Corona Warriors have helped more than 5000+ seniors during this Covid-19 period.


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TriBeCa in News

The Pandemic has reiterated yet again how vulnerable the elderly truly are
Samay Paribartan, May 31, 2020

The devastation caused by coronavirus witnessed death toll topping 356000 where global cases crossed 5.7 million already. With the entire world dwelling into darkness to find a solution the issue of geriatric care has once again come to the limelight…

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Senior care: A sunrise industry with real challenges
Express Healthcare, May 28, 2020

A society is best judged by how it treats the aged. Tamojit Dutta and Prateep Sen, Co-CEOs, TriBeCa Care share insights on how startups will play a critical role in delivering the vision of a senior-friendly India, that provides compassionate care to the elderly, with minimum fuss and maximum impact…

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9 doctor-recommended tips to take care of your parent’s mental health
Healthshots, May 20, 2020

You can’t deny that you’ve taken their care for granted but it is time to ask them how they’ve been feeling because an ageing parent’s mental health matters…

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Senior Care Is an Established Industry In the Western World. How Will the Industry Evolve In India?
Entrepreneur India, May 06, 2020

Technology and data will be critical, and India will leapfrog many western economies in building a robust senior care industry that is rooted on the behavioural aspects of the Indian seniors…

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Eldercare in the times of a pandemic
India Today, May 11, 2020

The elderly population in the country is some 110 million (8 per cent of India’s population) out of which 40 per cent live alone, i.e., either with an aged spouse or alone in old-age homes. For this lonely generation, COVID-19 has only added to their miseries.

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A sliver of silver
The Pioneer, April 11, 2020

Across the world senior citizens are more susceptible to the Coronavirus because their immunity is compromised which is coupled with co-morbidities and pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease…This will climb up to one in seven if aged over 80.

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Age-Tech: Helping Senior Citizens manage the Corona stress
BW Wellbeing World, April 08, 2020

Mrs. Sen has been one of the many seniors who have been asked to not leave home during the lockdown period by both her son and her daughter. However, she is one of those rare 82 year olds who have embraced technology to keep in touch with her children and her grandchildren without stepping out of her north Kolkata flat.

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It takes a village to protect the elderly: India’s senior living communities race to beat Covid-19 challenges
The Economic Times, April 07, 2020

“For the 100+ mn elderly in India, the lockdown has been difficult for their daily routine,” said Sen and Dutta. “(There is an) Increased incidence of stress, depression and loneliness due to limited movement and limited recreational activities available outside the home – including exercising and social interaction.”

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Check out how TriBeCa Care creates a more caring environment for the elderly population
Indian Express, March 06, 2020

Ageing is a global challenge – and in India the ageing crisis is even more intense as public services for the elderly are almost non – existent. With a rapidly growing nuclear family setup and more adult children living away from their parents, there is a very real problem in managing older loved ones at home.

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Coronavirus in Kolkata: Corporates step up to help senior citizens manage household work
The Free Press Journal, April 06, 2020

It is a time when senior citizens need help the most during the lockdown, with many household helps not being allowed into buildings while some do not have transport to go to their workplace. The good news is, there is help coming in from corporates, associations and individuals to lend a helping hand.


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Tech in Corona-times
Millennium Post, April 03, 2020

his unprecedented global health emergency is being made a tad more bearable all thanks to technology. From telemedicine to online grocers, from drones to video conferencing — technology has been the backbone of medical care, relief, and rescue in COVID-19 times.


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Virologists issue guidelines for the elderly
Millennium Post, March 18, 2020

The mortality rate of COVID-19 is higher in elderly citizens and hence they should take adequate preventive measures. In case of the younger population, the mortality rate is around 2 percent, whereas if the victims are above 60, the mortality rate can go up to 8 percent.


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