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Elder Care in Kalyani

Tribeca Care is now caring for the elderly in Kalyani and Kanchrapara. Our Elder Care and Home Health Care Solutions are exclusively designed for senior citizens in the comfort of their homes. From 24/7 emergency support to assistance with daily living, companionship to help with hospitalization, from 24-hours nurses/attendants to pain management; we have got you covered.

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Kalyani, Kanchrapara, Halisahar, Naihati, Krishnanagar, Chakdah, Shantipur & Ranaghat.

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The best of the best is here!
I have been availing services from TriBeCa for my mother for the past two years & my experience has been good as they have been very professional in rendering services. Special thanks to Jyothirmoy who has very promptly handled emergency situations which makes me believe that my mother is in good hands!
Dhrubaa Ghosh
Manas has been key source for keeping my father happy by providing companionship in the last couple of months. Though my father was well looked after physically, he lacked companionship and that is what Manas provided.
Sumona Ghosh

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Eldercare Service

The universal purpose of service dedicated to elders is to provide assistance and support so that they can go live a hassle-free life. There are different types of eldercare services that have programs designed for specific requirements. It can be a bit baffling to select the appropriate service from the range of services available. Below […]

Common Diseases in the Elderly

People with advanced age experience reduced physical and mental efficiency compared to their younger self. This is a known fact, that with age the overall functionality of the human body gradually decreases. On a superficial level, we can feel our bones and muscles getting weaker as we grow old. Internally, ageing affects our circulatory system, […]

Arrangements to be done for the elderly before leaving the country

Older people across the globe fall prey to many common issues. These include a wild range of emotions that always conclude with “ I want to stay at home”. The good news is, however, with the right kind of arrangements you can make the latter come true. The trend of “ageing in place” when mixed […]

Living with Stage 3 Cancer: A Case Study

The propensity of people for fearing cancer has remained unparalleled through decades. The fear of the same generates from the high possibility of death that is associated with this disease. Although cancer is perceived as a terminal illness, it is often a myth that this condition has no cure, or one is not able to […]

5 Signs Your Parents Are Unable To Live Alone

Aging can be difficult, especially if you are dealing with your parents growing older and feebler. It becomes a lot more tricky as there is a high chance of relationships getting married. But did you know that despite all these difficulties, it is risky to let your parents live independently? In India, the scenario of […]

How 24/7 emergency support brings peace-of-mind?

An emergency does not happen every day. It may never even happen. Or it may happen once in several years. But when our loved ones live far away from us, and they are in the advancing years’ group, living alone, and we are thinking of them several times in a day, then an emergency happens […]

Emergency Diary: Case Study #1

Here at TriBeCa Care, we have always delivered quick and efficient service during a medical emergency. We have handled over 6000 cases of medical emergencies. Our 24*7 emergency support is dispensed by our dedicated team of well-equipped healthcare professionals who can reach you in almost no time.   We have delivered reliable emergency support to our members in time […]

New Year Hope For Elderly 2021

Let’s face it: No matter how tough the year 2020 was, we all strived and made it through it. Starting from the COVID-19 pandemic to a million losing lives, the year 2020 was unprecedented, unexpected, and unbearable. But now all of that has passed away and we have stepped into a new decade. Although coronavirus […]

Revolution in Digital Health: The Multi-functional Health Monitor

The year 2020 saw a recognizable danger in the form of COVID-19. While the onset of the disease has made people rethink health priorities, it has also given medical institutes all around the world, change the dynamics. The future of healthcare is here! Yes, we are talking about none other than digital health. While the […]

COVID-19 Services by Tribeca Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has deliberately exposed the strengths and weaknesses of the global healthcare system. While the disease has limited people’s exposure to health institutions, on the other hand, it has shone a light on home care.   In these critical times, some platforms are working diligently towards improving the home care sector. Tribeca Care […]

 Soumitra Chatterjee- A Human Par Excellence

There are very few actors in this world who live a solid impression. Their footprints are engraved so deeply in the time frame that none other can surpass it. Such an example of an extraordinary human being Late Soumitra Chatterjee was. What can one speak about this screen legend, which has not been told before? […]

This Durga Puja you are not alone!

Durga Puja in Kolkata is full of grandeur and pomp. It is more than a cultural festival for the people of West Bengal. The oncoming of the celebrations marks the return of many emotions. It is when your heart yearns to be in your home surrounded by loved ones.   However, this year Durga Puja […]

List of heart care facilities/heart care centres available in Kolkata

September is a month when quite a few international days are observed. Amidst the notable ones like Teachers’ Day and International Literacy Day, a sometimes overlooked one is the World Heart Day, observed on the 29th of September. But the importance of this day directly affects our lives and lifestyle.   The World Heart Federation […]

Home Isolation Without Affecting Other Family Members

Home Isolation is no more new to anyone. The ongoing pandemic has left a worry mark on the face of the general public. As the cases continue to intensify day after day, the public health officials have laid out some ground rules for home isolation. Why? The answer is to limit the spread of the […]

Why Should You Hire Someone to Be with Your Parents?

Every person requires a little help from others in their life from time to time. And when it zeroes down to your ageing parents, nothing takes priority than their health. It might come as a revelation but, taking care of geriatrics can sometimes become quite overwhelming in today’s busy life. Blame it on the 9-9 […]

5 Ways to Make Home Safe for Seniors

Settling in a city or country away from our parents is one of the most commonly occurring phenomena in the world in this day and age. Their age becomes a major concern when we are unable to be there for them the way we would ideally want to. Our best bet is to make sure […]

Home Isolation for COVID-19 Patients – Govt. guidelines

Nearly two months into the year 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 left every individual around the world baffled. The deadly virus has since then sparked off a global pandemic that has almost left every country globally to adopt strict regulations for the safety of citizens. The government of India has proposed many guidelines to curb […]

Income Tax Returns in 2020 for Senior Citizens

Filling the income tax returns form a very crucial part in the life of every taxpayer. This particular step not only makes every individual a responsible citizen but also allows the government to serve the general public through the funds received. While the new tax system and budget might be appealing to a lot of […]

An Ode To My Mom

Mousumi Sengupta The long, monotonous days of the lockdown have compelled me to introspect on various aspects of my life; and when Mother’s Day came in the middle of the lockdown, childhood memories came rushing to me. What precious time I have spent in the company of my mother! That mother is now old and […]

Surprising fact: senior citizens happy in lockdown

We know children are happy in lockdown but senior citizens too? – this came as a surprise to us as we chatted with our members during our regular calls. Here are three of the stories we got to hear. Happy in lockdown #1 My mother lives with my brother and his family and I keep […]

The Parent-Child Bond – A Perspective

I miss my parents every day. This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of home. It may have to do with the fact that I have been away from home for 10 years and counting. It is possibly the issue with every NRI, so that way I am possibly […]

From Emergency to Home Deliveries: Tribeca Services during the COVID pandemic and lockdown

COVID-19 is drastically affecting the global population, and the governments of every affected country have imposed a lockdown on their citizens. The condition in India is no different. Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic situation, the elderly population is suffering the most. As per the virologists in Kolkata, because of their weaker immune system, they are more […]

Why Seniors in Kolkata Are Not Worried?

Old age is one of the most challenging phases of the human life cycle. As life progresses, the body’s immune system weakens, meaning the natural defense system starts showing lesser strength. Old-age isn’t a disease and seniors citizens aren’t a burden on family or society. A little extra care could help in maintaining a strong […]

How self-quarantine can help against Covid-19?

COVID-19 has spread to dozens of countries around the world, after being identified in late-2019 in the Wuhan region of China. The world is at risk as over 276,462 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed all over the world and more than 11,417 deaths have occurred. After China, Italy is the worst affected country where […]

Who’s more at risk from coronavirus?

Coronavirus has shaken and shattered the entire world. The number of people in reporting positive with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is continuing to grow. In countries like Italy, China, Iran, Coronavirus has created a horror among people. Coronavirus has not spared India either. The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in India has crossed 250 and the […]

COVID-19: Myths and Facts

The tyranny of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has wreaked quite a havoc among the general population. People have never been so much frightened before. Avoiding close contact with people and properly washing your hand are some of the preventive measures that are worth taking. But that doesn’t mean you need to believe in every other news […]

3 Simple Ways to Maintain Work-Life & Elder Parents

Saturday is here! Now that you have become a strong and independent adult, your parents are now your children. That being said, it is now the best time to take care of our parents and make them feel loved again. There is no arguing about the fact that there is no one better than yourself […]

The Best New Year’s Resolution You Can Take for Your Parents

Still stuck in 2019? Well, it’s time to move on because 2020 is here. Can you believe that it’s already time to bid adieu to a wonderful decade? Although the year has come to an end, your celebrations don’t need to. And what better way to pay tribute to this decade and keep the celebrations […]

10 Best Thanksgiving Day messages & gifts to parents in Kolkata

“No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.”– Brad Meltzer Although our parents do so much for us, how often do we thank them for being there for us? In the daily humdrum called life, we’re so caught up with stuff that taking care of our parents, being thankful for all […]

How Tribeca celebrated Thanksgiving Day with old age homes?

Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving day is celebrated in the United States. In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is observed on the second Monday of October every year. The day of Thanksgiving is celebrated for the Pilgrim’s meal with the Native Americans. The tradition includes feasting on turkey, stuffing, and lots of desserts. […]

Diwali Memories

We at TriBeCa Care are always in search of ways to make our elderly members feel special. On this International Day of the Elderly, we had asked the next of kins of our members to share their favourite picture with their parents and in no time we were flooded with so many adorable photographs. We […]

Keshav Dutt: The Legend of Indian Hockey

The Indian Hockey Team won it’s first Gold in the Olympics on 12th August, 1948 as an independent nation ,at Wembley Stadium in London. It was a moment of immense pride for our countrymen . They defeated their former colonizers by 4-0 and made their mark in history. Despite the chaos in the country and […]

How to choose Diwali gifts for your parents this year?

Human life is all about relationships. The stronger is the bond, the happier is life. This becomes more important when it comes to the bond between you and your parents. In this hectic life of a to-do list full of priorities, we often fail to acknowledge the importance of parents, knowingly or unknowingly. We all […]

Look who is Pandal hopping this Durga Puja

Here in Kolkata, people start the countdown for Durga Puja right from the day Maa leaves, rest you can imagine the craze. The whole city gets decked up. This festival imprints its joys on everyone, and every face has a smile on its lips. From kids to the ones who have stepped into their second […]

LAAC: A Path Breaking Surgery at Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Kolkata

A path breaker surgery in a superspeciality hospital in Kolkata is the new talk of the town for a few days now. But are you wondering what the surgery is all about? It’s commonly known as LAAC, Left Atrial Appendage Closure. Previously, LAAC Surgery was unheard of in our country but now this surgery has […]

Biswadeb Biswas: An Adventurer Who Will Live On

“People who have achieved greatness and managed to inspire everyone they’ve crossed path will never die. They live in our minds in the hopes that we keep their light alive. If we remember them well enough they can still guide us, like the shine of long-extinguished stars that guide ships in unfamiliar water.”– Matt Haig […]

2019 Durga Puja Parikrama for Seniors

TriBeCa Care has arranged for senior friendly Puja Parikrama each year, and this year is no different. You can ask your Care Manager for more information or to book it for you. Durga Puja is one of the most famous festivals for the Hindus, especially the Bengalis, which is celebrated to honour Goddess Durga. According […]

Dos and Don’ts Before Hiring a Caregiver

Hiring a caregiver for in-home assistance for your elderly loved one is not always an easy task. Especially, when you are not staying with them. Once completely independent, elderly can experiences difficulties with activities of daily living (ADLs) like washing, dressing and preparing meals for themselves.  It’s important to understand how reliable and efficient the […]

7 Ways to Motivate Your Ageing Parents

Studies suggest that individuals who continuously challenge their mind by partaking in new activities and learning new skills are the ones to keep feelings of depression and loneliness at bay. If we look closely, this finding isn’t only applicable to the younger lot. This stands true for the older generation too. If your parents have […]

Celebrating Senior Citizen Day With Snehodiya

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but Beautiful Old People are works of Art.”– Eleanor Roosevelt What they say is true, you only age when you feel old, otherwise, ageing is just an extraordinary process. That’s exactly what Snehodiya makes every senior citizen feel. A retirement haven for senior citizens, Snehodiya has given a […]

Top 5 Hospitals With Pharmacy and Blood Bank in Kolkata

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say the word – Kolkata? Durga Puja? Victoria Memorial? Trams? What more? Kolkata is one of the biggest cities in the eastern part of India. The city is not only rich in terms of arts and culture, but also has some of the […]

Enjoying the Great Things About My Grandmother

It’s been a long time since my beloved Dida (maternal grandma) left from this world, leaving us in absolute stun and misery. She disappeared so discreetly, without notice, without burdening anybody, and without bidding farewell, that it has left a piercing void in our souls. But grandma’s stories are still with me, close to my […]

Top 3 Hospitals for Cancer Treatment in Kolkata

Did you know that India is the 3rd highest when it comes to cancer deaths all across the globe? While cancer was a term unheard of in the early 40s & 50s, blame it on the stress, lifestyle pattern or anything else, but cancer has become one of the most common ailments among Indians. Although […]

 Girish Karnad: An Inspiration to the Society

Girish Karnad was an intellectual who left his mark in various fields like performance art, theatre, and literature. He is a renowned playwright, director, and actor who was born in Bombay Presidency in the year 1938. His father (doctor) and mother (nurse), who was widow had to wait for 5 years to get married as […]

7 Early Warning Signs of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease where bones start degenerating and losing required density. The word “Osteoporosis” literally means “Porous Bones”, which signifies a gradual brittleness of the bones, so much so, that even a mild stress like coughing or sneezing or fall can break it. Bones are basically living tissues that are constantly being broken down […]

My Grandmother’s Favourite Nail Paint

“Face pe kitne pimples aagaye hai. Multani mitti kyun nahi apply karti?” “Manicure and pedicure kyun nahi kar waleti?” Don’t be mistaken; these words aren’t uttered by a random parlour aunty who keeps reminding me to visit the parlour frequently for beautification. These are the wise words of my 82-year-old grandmother, who feels I don’t […]

The US Job or Parents in India: Who to Choose?

Isn’t a well-paid job in the US tempting? Better lifestyle, better money making possibilities, and better career prospect! – A first world country guarantees all of these, which India is still far from. But then what about the lonely parents? Will not they feel empty nested after their children are settled abroad or even in […]

At 70 My Father Fought My Drug Abuse

“Addiction destroys everything in its path. Getting out of the way is the most loving form of detachment you can practice.” Although this is true, getting out of addiction can be the most difficult thing to do. At such times, more than you, it’s your family that becomes a victim of addiction. But, if anyone […]

7 Monsoon Care Tips for the Elderly

As the heat persists and keeps rising all across India, the only thing that all of us keep praying for is the monsoon season to arrive soon and take away the heat. While many of us find rains to be a welcome change, it’s not always the same for the elderly. The rains bring their […]

I Miss My Father

I miss my father! Yes, I miss my baba! I miss the sound of his laughter-threaded voice, his calm untroubled approach, his gift of serenity. His happy eyes behind his glasses, his big walrus moustache, his walking stick on the coat rack, his mischievous smile and most of all his corny puns: different ones for […]

Elder Abuse: A Hidden Reality

Elder abuse is a kind of violence and a violation of human rights as well! Elder abuse includes physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse. It also includes material and financial abuse, neglect and abandonment. Abuse may also lead to a loss of respect and dignity. It is not only a social evil but also an […]

How Ageing Affects Your Feet?

Sometimes our human body does not react well with ageing. As we age, several physical problems surface and we get occupied catering to these needs. In this scenario, we tend to forget about simpler problems that can grow into something chronic. Foot care is such an issue. Over time, our ageing parents present challenges with […]

10 Simple Tips to Beat Your Fatigue With Ageing

Once upon a time, a 12-hours job schedule would not make you exhausted. But now, as the number called ‘age’ is growing forward, dreariness and fatigue are overpowering. Sometimes your eyes seem heavy and you might need a nap! But are these changes part and parcel of the ageing process? Is mounting fatigue with ageing […]

3rd CII Nursing Conclave 2019: A Way Forward

The backbone of healthcare is good quality nursing. Although nursing is essential for quality healthcare, the profession in India still has not been given due recognition. It is time for us to look at nursing issues in India. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Nursing Conclave, in its 3rd edition, focused on catering to the […]

5 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Nursing Home

Nursing homes are high-quality institutions for the care and treatment of elderly suffering from severe physical or mental health conditions. When it come to the caring for our elderly loved ones, nursing homes provide help what we might look for. Nursing homes have professionally equipped staff and the experience of expertly handling the requirements of […]

Ageing Mind: Have You Lost It?

Mind you head! Put your Mind to rest! Mind your manners! Mind! Careful! Don’t mind! These are just a few of the meanings the word “Mind” can have, there are so many more. We are going to concentrate on the Ageing Mind. This is a fight to keep senior minds in the working condition. A […]

Why Doctors Don’t Prescribe Operation in Old Age?

When is it too old to operate? Severe pain in the abdomen forced an 84-year old lady to visit the doctor. Upon check-up, the doctor diagnosed the symptom as gallstones. But, instead of suggesting immediate surgery, he prescribed her medications that would help dissolve the gallstones. So, if you observe closely, most of the doctors […]

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration by Seniors in Kolkata

On the 158th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Thakur on 9th May 2019, the senior members of the TriBeCa family held a gathering. A gathering that has special sentiments attached to it. An evening where they sang the popular songs penned down by India’s first Nobel Laureate. For Bengalis, especially elderly, this day is a thread […]

Staying Alone? Be Safe!

Madhu Jain, 57 years, murdered by a man in the guise of a priest at Lake Town, Kolkata! Two retired college teachers in Kolkata, 78 years and 75 years, respectively, beaten to death in Paikpara! 78-year-old Kamala Das killed by a 15-year-old former help! Ranjit Chatterjee was killed by a sweeper of 15 years! These […]

Salute to Elderly Voters in Lucknow: The Josh is High!

How’s the Josh? High Sir! Wondering what is it that we’re talking about? Well, of course, it has got to be the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, which have been happening full-fledged all across the nation. As the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, sets to vote today, the josh is high not only in the youths but […]

The ageing population and the economic inference

Throughout the course of human history, instances of intricate problems and us, collectively, finding a solution to the problems is present. Different ages have their own records and we, more or less every time, have successfully solved our problems. This has been the norm until now. What we face today, quite simply put, is inevitable. […]

Game of Thrones: Elderly Characters are the Secrets

“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.” – Cersei Lannister What better way to describe a series that’s been on everyone’s mind right from its inception. After seven mammoth seasons, countless deaths and a wait of two long years—Winter is Finally Here! Everyone’s been waiting for the penultimate season of […]

Gout and Premature Death Risk

Gout is not just a disease of the joints. It is a disease that causes inflammation in the joints and in the body. Gout is not just a pain in the toe; it affects other organs too, including the heart. Gout has been known to increase the risks of cardiovascular disease and premature death. It […]

Summer Risks for Elderly

As our body starts ageing, it loses the capability to regulate the heat by itself. Moreover, sweat is one of the vital components of our body that aid in controlling the temperature of our body. But with ageing, we sweat less than a younger adult, which is why the elderly are more prone to the […]

From “Diye Jalte Hai” to “Jane Tu Ya Jane Na”— Seniors Hum to the Tunes with Singers

A humid evening, a few strums in the guitar chords and a shadowy haze in the ill-lit chamber! Who could have ever thought this, to create a buzz in the town and inspire two absolutely contrasting groups of people – A bunch of youngsters and a handful of septuagenarians? Well it did. On 12th April […]

Why are Older People Scared of Hospitals?

That medicinal smell once you enter the hospital. The continuous beeping of the monitors. The weird atmosphere all around or the scared look on everyone’s face. There is something about hospitals that have the potential to terrify us, especially older people. Elders always associate going to the hospital with something being wrong and bad consequences. […]

5 Harmful Effects of Excessive Calcium in Your Body

Calcium is an essential mineral that promotes strength to teeth and bones. It also provides optimal support to heart health, nervous system and muscles. Alike low calcium level, excessive calcium level is not good at all. It is a prominent aspect of the emergence of many health complications. These are the five most severe effects […]

5 Diseases You Can Have If You Have Diabetes

India had more than 69.2 million people suffering from diabetes in 2015, according to World Health Organization (WHO), and this figure is increasing with each passing year. If you look for the words ‘diabetes statistics’ on Google, you’ll come face-to-face with some shocking facts related to this ailment that’s going to leave you alarmed. One […]

5 Reasons Why High Blood Pressure Can be Fatal

In the current scenario, the stress of daily living, workload and pressure of meeting deadlines and targets are the most common causes of hypertension. People prone to hypertension, should regularly get their blood pressure checked, as high blood pressure is responsible for more than just heart disease. Hypertension can quietly damage your body for years […]

8 Social Media Safety Tips for the Elderly

The internet is full of risks. It is true that the internet is a great way for older parents to keep in constant touch with their distant friends and relatives. Even so, it is not completely safe and therefore, one should exercise caution while accessing the big bad web. Here are some social media safety […]

9 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women in India. It is reported that, approximately, 25% of the female cancer cases are of breast cancers. About 40% risk of breast cancer increases in case of 60 years of women. A woman undergoes multiple changes in her body as she ages. […]

10 Tips for Foot Care if You Have Diabetes

Do you suffer from diabetes? Is diabetes a long withstanding problem in your family? If the answer is yes, then you need to know why it is important to take care of your feet when you’re a diabetic. Instead of ignoring your feet woes completely, you can try out these 10 simple tricks. A good […]

7 Ways to Advocate For Loved Ones Staying Alone

When we were kids, probably we all promised our parents and our loved ones that we would never ever leave them. However, time changes everything. There have often come some avoidable situations when we are compelled to leave our bit of heart at home and stay far away. It is undeniable that the situation is […]

Causes and Treatment of Hip Fracture

Age is a primary factor among elderly adults who suffer a high risk of falling. Hip Fracture tends to be a very common area in people over the age of 60. As they grow older they lose their coordination in handling things independently. A severe hip pain always requires immediate surgical assistance or surgical replacement […]

My New Friend, My Care Manager

Caregivers for elderly play a very important role in treating our elderly adults in the right way under high supervision and responsibility. How we deal with our elderly loved ones is the most critical factor since thinking about their withered health is an exceptionally fragile issue. But choosing the right kind of caregivers for our […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Love with Elders

Valentine’s Day is an extraordinary time to celebrate love with our elderly loved ones. It is a day of love where affection and love are exchanged in the form of card, chocolates, flowers, and love notes. There are various fun and heart-warming activities that can be pleasant for everybody – particularly our elderly loved ones. […]

How to get rid of cataract without surgery ?

The eyes are windows to the world. An infant’s introduction to the beauty of a mother’s smile (if we are fortunate) to witness the wonder of a deep blue sky, to witness the pride in your Father’s face, all to be seen to be believed, relished and savoured. Over time into old age the eyes […]

4 things to consider before choosing a nursing home

The availability of nursing homes these days have increased in such a rate that it’d be impossible for someone to choose one solely on the basis of their comparison of the features/facilities being provided. The standards these nursing homes maintain can also vary; hence, being equipped with the proper research material is the only way […]

Why is Gait important for your Daily living ?

Gait means pattern of steps, walk, stride, pace. It requires co-ordination of the different systems within the body. Gait is indicative of cognitive and body control. Gait and balance are common problems among the elderly. Dysfunctional gait compromises independence and contributes to risk of falls and injury, affecting the quality of life.With advancing age gait […]

5 ways to regain appetite in elderly people

The three pillars of wholesome living and overall well-being are…Food, Sleep, and a well regulated lifestyle. While this is easy and so natural at a period in one’s life, it is a serious challenge among the aged. By natural causation an elderly person is the victim of a moderated diet depending on his/her physical condition, […]

6 Ways of Choosing a Caregiver for Your Ageing Parents

  Are your parents ageing and staying alone? Is loneliness taking a toll on their mental and physical health? Do you worry about their well-being more often? Do your ageing parents need help with their daily chores, or Basic Activities of Daily Living (BADL)? Are you worried about their safety?If you realize the answer to […]

3 Government Benefits for senior citizens in India

There are several benefits offered to the senior citizens of this country to make their lives easier. The main focus is to ease their financial pressure after retirement. Senior citizens do not only benefit financially, but there are also several other benefits for senior citizens to make their retired lives comfortable. There are several benefits […]

Journey of Love & Care

I am going to talk about an elderly gentleman, 81 year old slightly forgetful but very affectionate. An ex coal India employee, this main resident of Joyshree park lives a scheduled life with a 63 year old lady who is instrumental in bringing up his son Shibaji a resident of Ontario. Busy with work Shibaji […]

My Experience

I still remember the date, it was 24th December, 2016, approximately 10 at night, New Year was round the corner and there was chill in the air. I was coming back in an auto after attending a party. My cell phone rang, on the other side; it was one of the resident Directors. She said […]

The TriBeCa Care tea party

In the years of experience we have had in building relationships with seniors, one of the lessons we have learnt is that whether they say it or not, they are essentially lonely and depressed, one often following the other. Isolation and Its Effects Loneliness is statistically proven to be a serious health risk, since it […]

3 Tips to prevent falls in Old age

The main source of severe injuries in our elderly adult is falling. The causes of falls in the elderly can prompt loss of accurate independency, self-confidence, and behavioral changes which can lead to a troublesome issue among the older adults. Eventually, falls occurs due to improper balance in old age which leads them to deadly […]

Consult your Doctor if your Ageing Parent Falls

Often, we tend to ignore it when an elderly parent falls unconscious suddenly. Such occurrences can be isolated or can be repetitive in nature. Nevertheless, such incidents cannot be ignored. There are many home security systems available in the market these days, which can alert you of such accidents. We are listing below some preventive […]

3 ways seniors can have an active life

Mr Sen is 35 years old, energetic, out on a jog preparing to run a marathon. Mr Sen is now 55 out on a morning walk, taking brisk steps but at a moderate pace. Mr Sen at 75 walks gently cautious, a walking stick in his hand. He is today a senior citizen, his activities […]

My father cannot stay alone when I am in abroad

I have been living abroad for quite some time now. The only reason I chose to work in the US and not in India is due to the pay structure in India. I pursued further studies in India and then shifted abroad for a better standard of living than in my hometown. Due to this, […]

5 Ways Seniors Can Stay Young

Getting older includes changes, both negative and positive; however we all can help this process by giving all our fragile friends and relatives’ elderly care at home under assisted living in the event that you comprehend what’s new with their matured body and find a way to keep up with their well-being to an ideal […]

Incidents of Senior Falls

It was 6AM in the morning. Suddenly the door bell rang. It was not a normal mundane ringing. There was some kind of chaos going on outside. Opening the door revealed my grandmother standing with blood all over her face and people from the locality holding her hand. One of the women from the crowd […]

Fear of Falling Down

We all start running from the moment we gain consciousness. First we run to play, and then we run for school, then for college, then for work and life. We run until we feel the pain for the first time, a warning that indicates you to slow down a little because it is time for […]

Managing the Holiday Blues in Elderly

Durga Puja (or Dusshera) is the most important and most eventful occasion of the year, especially in this part of the country. It is the time of togetherness and happiness. However, if you’re hung up on work abroad and cannot visit your parents at home, it could be really disheartening. The separation alone can cause […]

Dietary Tips for the Elderly during the Pujas

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is necessary throughout a person’s lifetime, more so for seniors. There are certain foods that are considered ‘healthy’ but are not so for elders. Various foods considered unfit for elders due to the presence of high bacterial content or food poisoning potential are listed below:- Sprouts: Usually considered a […]

Dementia and Math and my Dad

Dad’s gone into his shell. He’d simply stopped thinking. To get him back I decided to go back to what he was good at. Math. Actually he was a wizard with numbers. You gave him a number and some logic and he could intuitively tell you if it seemed right or wrong… He was a […]

How elder and dementia care help stubborn parents?

We all know how stubborn elderly parents can get, especially when it comes to taking the advice of their ‘kids’. It is futile to argue with them because “parents are always right”, correct? Another factor that makes them stubborn is their fear of losing their independence. Imagine this, needing someone’s help with everything you could […]

Happy Father’s Day, Baba!

The younger of two girls, I was always my father’s pet. All those times of Baba making me practice mathematics with oceans of patience, walking me to school, instilling values in me are indelibly etched in my memory. I’ll never forget what he told me when I was ready to go out and work. He […]

#MydadMyhero: Happy Father’s Day

FATHER’S DAY. Well, the job of a father is not to bear children or to deliver them physically into this world. That is a mother’s lot. No – a father’s job is to shelter them, clothe them, feed them and educate them and provide for them for as long as they are unable to do […]

10 Must Haves for Senior Safety

The comfort of living in your own home is incomparable. No matter what your age, there is no substitute for it. However, with age, there are many changes that occur in the body that makes it difficult for people to do things as efficiently as they used to be able to. Physical changes like declining […]

Is it loneliness or is it depression?

“Man is an island.” ~ John Donne (Devotions upon Emergent Occasions) Whether or not this statement is true, the fact is the pace of modern life has created deep chasms between people. We are getting progressively disconnected from one another in the rat race of life. We are each one of us, prisoners of the […]

Home Security System for the Elderly

Living alone is not only stressful for the elderly but also for their children. According to data that we have, one in every five adult is taking over the responsibility of an aged parent. However, it is not always possible for them to be where their parents are. A lot of times, they live and […]

Do Housing Needs Change with Age and Retirement?

There are various factors that contribute to this change in housing need with age and retirement. Physical factor Economic factor Loss of a spouse Location of family Location of the house Physical factor: With age and retirement come physical changes in the body. The ability to move around decreases with advancing age. A problem with […]

8 must have gifts for your aging parents

Every holiday season, I am stumped trying to figure out what gift to buy for my parents. My father is in his 80’s and my mother is in her 70’s. Everything they want, they already have or they don’t want anything at all. That’s no help when you are running out of ideas and their […]

The Talk about Aging: Elder Care Service

Do you have aging parents? Do they live alone? How do they want to spend the final years of their lives? If they need someone to take care of them, who will bear the cost? These are questions that need to be answered not at the eleventh hour but well in advance. If your parent […]

5 Tips When Aging Parents Won’t Listen

When we are little, it is a given that we will listen to our parents and do as they say. But what happens when the tables are turned? When it is their turn to listen to us? We cannot as easily say, “Because I said so!” So what is the solution when aging parents don’t […]

Ode To My Father

“Exactly a year before he passed away, my father fell and broke his hip. When he called to tell me of his fall, we never imagined it would be something so drastic. And because he never complained, never let us know how bad the pain was, we never imagined it was as terrifying as it […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

It is a universal truth that our body slows down as we age. It is also a fact that our brain slows down with age. Cognitive functions deteriorate and memory loses its sharpness. However, new research shows that brain cells can grow again and new brain connections or synapses can be formed. There are ways […]

5 Ways to Meet the Emotional Needs of Elderly People

Most of us associate old age with loss of bodily functions. We envision a time when we will not be able to read because our eyesight will weaken; a time when we will no longer be able to go for long walks because our legs will not be strong enough to carry us or a […]

Loneliness in Old Age

Old age is the twilight of life. It can be spent fruitfully, reflecting on the past but not losing touch with the present. In old age, people have the advantage of experience. It is a glorious time when people look back at all their accomplishments and re-evaluate their lives. Unfortunately, for many seniors, old age […]

Baba, I miss you…

I miss my father. I miss the sound of his laughter threaded voice, his calm untroubled approach, his gift of serenity. I miss his happy eyes behind his glasses, his big walrus moustache, his small walrus moustache, his walking stick on the coat rack, his mischievous smile and most of all his corny puns: different […]

Tribeca Care’s Online Health Store

Leading elder care company, Tribeca Care, has launched a convenient online health store http://tribecastore.com/ for supplying home care products (on rent or sale basis). The health store provides a wide range of medical devices for senior care, chronic care and hospital discharge needs at very attractive discounts. The store stocks leading medical brands – Philips, […]

One Stop Elder Care Platform in Kolkata

“In an exclusive interview to GB, Founder Director Elina Dutta tells how Tribeca Care caters to every elderly need: from health to hospital, to food, caregivers and even to dreams.” • How did the idea of starting Tribeca Care come up? Was it your brainchild? The reason for starting Tribeca Care is literally in the […]

Valentine’s Day Celebration with TriBeCa Care

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world as a day of love. It is possible that it originally came about as a feast day for Christians in the honour of saints named Valentinus. Today, the Valentine’s day celebration is associated with the celebration of romantic love. it is observed worldwide on February 14. In […]

Breast Cancer Screening At Home

About 40% of women nowadays suffer from breast cancer. About 40% risk of breast cancer increases in case of 60 years of women. It is a most common disease in women. It occurs both in men and women but it is far more common in women. Research says, because of latest breast cancer screening and […]

Why We Gain Weight As We Age?

Gaining weight depends on the amount of calories you gain daily. But have you ever wondered why we gain weight as we age? Because of poor diet, genetic problem, changes in lifestyle, social issues, medications and hormonal changes causes. It occurs mostly in women. You may face difficulty in sitting or rising after sitting for […]

Children Living With Grandparents

Facts about children being brought up by their grandparents:   In more than 2.4 million families, children are parented by their grandparents. This is 19% more since the 1990’s. In most of the cases, the children live permanently with their grandparents instead of their parents.   The relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild is […]

5 Tips To Managed Care Giving For Elderly

Taking care of elderly parents is as difficult as taking care of children. Often care givers experience feelings that are hard to cope with. However, once identified, coping with them also makes care giving easier for them. How does prolonged care giving affect primary care givers?   Sudden alternative feelings of wanting and not wanting […]

Loss of Appetite in Older Adults

Loss of appetite is called Anorexia. In this case, a person eats less than one normally consumes. It’s a symptom and several symptoms can cause loss of appetite including physical, biological, mental as well as emotional factors. This problem is not an emergency; it can happen to anyone, anytime. Some may experience loss of appetite […]

Mild Exercise In Winter In Old Age

Getting colder, when older? You might be surprised when on a hot sunny day you feel uncomfortably hot, your aged relative might feel unpleasantly cold. This is because, as our bodies age, the metabolic rate decreases day by day. The combination of slowing circulation and thinner skin is unable to preserve heat. However, feeling cold […]

Walking Is The New Running In Old Age

Walking is a trouble-free, powerful and the most effective form of exercise that helps you stay fit and in shape at the same time. It is the simplest way to stay energetic. Walking does the following for you:   It improves cholesterol levels Keeps your bones strong Keeps your blood pressure in check Improves immunity […]

Welcome Home | TriBeCa Assisted Living

Welcome Home. There comes a time in every life when the stresses of simply coping and managing a home begin to feel overwhelming. For the elderly, who deserve peace at the end of their lives, it is especially traumatic. Dealing with reluctant staff, paying bills, shopping for necessities, doing laundry and trying simply to get […]

Is Stress Affecting Your Glucose Level?

Diabetes is a life changing disease. We do not pay much heed to the warnings when our blood sugar levels are a little high than normal in the initial stages. We listen to friendly advice of following healthy diet and exercising to keep the blood sugar level in check till the time when it severely […]

Chronic Pain And Ways To Deal With It

The common cause of aches and pain in old age is arthritis, which causes joint pain and inflammation of joints. Most elderly people do not like consulting doctors for minor aches and pain. They either self medicate with painkillers or endure it. Minor untreated pain can become chronic with the passing of time. Common causes […]

Dealing With Lifestyle Changes As One Gets Older

On his last birthday, my Dad gave me a note which had the list of changes that took place since he was born. The list had every detail of changes such as, the number of times his heart had beaten till the previous day, the number of people born on earth after he stepped into […]

Living With Osteoporosis

According to a survey by National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF)   24% of the population aged more than 50 years expires the year following their hip fracture 20% of those who were mobile before a hip fracture need long-term care One-third of people aged more than 65 have a fall each year and the fall risk […]

My days with Grandpa

  There is a photo of my daughter and my father-in-law that I love. In it, you can see their backs, her sweet round little diaper-coated bottom Fevikwik-ed to his dignified one, sitting on a pavement berm in Italy. She is not yet two and he, a good 70 years older. That was the day […]

6 Ways Of Keeping Memory Sharp In Old Age

Growing older is mandatory. Changes in our behavior and capacity to remember things also slow down as we age. Becoming forgetful, inability to recall names, sudden mood swings and other behavioural changes appear as we grow older. Memory changes can be depressing. With passing years, signs of dementia may induce a sense of fear of […]

Chronic Bronchitis In Elderly: Causes and Prevention

According to a survey conducted by National Center for Health Statistics Number of adults with diagnosed chronic bronchitis in the past year: 9.3 million Percent of adults with diagnosed chronic bronchitis in the past year: 3.8% Number of adults who have ever been diagnosed with emphysema: 3.5 million Percent of adults who have ever been […]

Hear & Now

“The day i had my embolism attack I was climbing the stairs to my regular salon. Halfway up the second floor my heart felt like a freight train was hurtling through my chest trying to exit through my ears. So here I was, holding onto the stairwell and telling myself, I can’t die here, no […]

Facts to know about eyelids drooping (ptosis)

Has someone recently expressed to you that your eyes look sleepy? Have you looked into the mirror and noticed one of your eyelids “drooping”? You don’t feel any pain but of course it blocks your vision and makes you feel impaired. You prefer to stay home because you find it difficult to climb up and […]

Going Out Of Home Is SCARY

Many people complain that they are scared to go out of their home alone and they require the support of someone while going out. The fear something negative always dwells in their mind while going out. During the acute social phobias they become skilled at avoidance—often not stepping out onto a street for days on […]

Nostalgia in an aging box

“Happiness is an attitude…”- Francis Reigler 4:30 pm show at Inox; popcorn and Coke; ticket for two. Let me correct you before you think it’s a day out with my boyfriend. The person accompanying me was my client. I am a Care Manager for a 79 year old widower, whose married children stay abroad. Mr. […]

The Caring Caregiver

Earlier this week, at my granny’s funeral, I stood with my memories of her since I was a child. A memory that had glimpses of a second entity that was surprisingly not my Ma or Papa, but it was of a lady dressed in a sky blue color loosely fitted uniform. Reema- the person who […]

Things To Do After Retirement

“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.” ~James Allen Have you ever wondered what might be the reason behind gifting someone a watch, when time is no longer a matter of urgent importance? It is very correctly said that life begins after retirement. […]

Personalised Home Care needed in India

Each person is different with different needs Even for active adults, going out for shopping or meeting friends become difficult as they get older. For some, age can, unfortunately, have more debilitating long term effects. Some older citizens may need long term home help with feeding, bathing, exercising, toileting or performing other daily tasks. Whatever […]

Making A Will

The significance of making a Will cannot be underestimated. It is a central part of your financial planning. A properly drafted legally valid Will is the only way to make sure that your property, savings and possessions go to the people and causes you care about. It is not enough to simply tell people your […]

Elder Rights and Expectations

The troubles of the elderly are chiefly financial, marked by the loss of independent earnings. Health-related problems typically afflict them too. Lack of safety and security are added hazards, especially in urban settings. As revealed by pan-India surveys, almost 30 per cent of the elderly are subjected to abuse or neglect, abandonment, and physical, financial […]

Health Insurance for Seniors

The human life goes through several different stages, from an infant to a youth, to middle age and finally, old age. Each stage has its own pros and cons. But the toughest stage of a person’s life is supposedly old age, a time of your life when you might have to go through health deterioration, […]

Talk to Me about Death

We are burdened by an enormous emotional and financial baggage for being silenced by our society’s taboo against talking about death and dying. Both individually and as a society. There is awareness in other societies that educate their members about the reality of death and the processes of dying and grieving. Unfortunately, we do not. […]

Learning to Let Go

From the time we learn to walk, we learn to let go of what is recognized territory for us and try for a potentially greater reward. It can be scary too to take steps further away from near ones and known places and to live or die on our own. The decision can become all […]

Dealing with Death and Grief

The loss of a loved one can cause a major emotional crisis; it is probably the most stress-inducing experience in life. In our hearts, we all know that death is a part of life. In fact, death gives meaning to our existence because it reminds us how precious life is. When a death occurs, we […]

Hobbies in Old Age

Retirement usually coincides with the start of the natural decline in brainpower and the switch from busy work life to the slower pace of old age can leave a void needing to be filled with tasks that are mentally stimulating. However, a hobby that is mentally engaging such as reading, socialising or travelling and is […]

Challenges of Staying Alone

Elderly people living alone face numerous drawbacks ranging from their safety, well being and health to their psychological stability. Due to aging elderly people are at higher risk of falling down and hurting themselves. Loneliness, depression and memory loss becomes prominent as they age. Physical Safety Elderly people generally fall often. Certain medical conditions may […]

Following Medical Instructions in Old Age

Modern medicines have contributed to longer life spans, improved health and better quality of life. Medications are the most common treatment for many diseases and conditions seen in older people and persons with chronic diseases and disabilities. Medicines now not only treat and cure diseases that were untreatable just a few years ago, they aid […]

Home Care – Bedridden After Stroke

There are some circumstances like stroke, paralysis of limbs and head injury when a patient might remain immobile and bed-ridden for weeks. Such patients require stable care to evade the formation of bed sores (ulcers over back and hip due to pressure), pneumonia, infection of urine tract, constipation, etc. Stroke can cause various degrees of […]

Growing old alone

“I’m getting out of breath when i walk a few steps or climb steps.” “Since my wife died, I just have some milk and bread for dinner.” “I’ve lived here 50 years. No other place will seem like home.” These are universal issues for the elderly. And, you may sigh with the oft-heard phrase—“I want […]

Elder Abuse and Neglect – A Prevailing Menace Today

As adults gradually advance in age become physically frailer, they are more likely to develop health conditions and cognitive problems such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. And being less able to stand up to bullying and attacks at such an age, they are prone to becoming increasingly vulnerable to abuse and neglect. The worrying, unfortunate fact is […]

Understand the Needs of Your Elderly Loved One – Make the Right Choice of a Home Care – Provider

Keeping their independence and their home -That’s pretty much what every elderly person desires. But the sad reality is that as they grow older, many are faced with the prospect of revising their living arrangements. If you have an elderly person to care of at home, chances are that you would need a home care […]

Seniors Living Alone: Consequences – A Cause of Concern

The concept of family in urban India is being redefined with globalization. Three in five Indian households are now nuclear.  Among a lot of families at least one member lives in a different state or country. This often causes a disturbing impact on the minds of the elderly parents. It is often noted that the […]

Senior Citizens Living alone – Tips to Ensure Safety

More and more senior citizens choose to age at home.  Spending your advancing years in the comfort of your home brings with the benefits of staying in familiar and comfortable surroundings. For many seniors living alone is preferable to living with an adult child, or being placed in a retirement home facility. But as a […]

Health Emergencies for Senior Citizens– Tips to Stay Prepared

Although studies indicate that most seniors are healthy and function at high levels, health complications related to their independence, inevitably surface as they grow older.  Age-related changes can affect the function of almost every body system, sometimes even in the healthiest of older people.  And often these age-related changes are accompanied by other chronic illnesses […]

What is a Nebuliser?

Nebulisers are typically used by asthmatic patients. The concept is quite simple: inhaled asthma medicines go directly to the lungs and may therefore relieve asthmatic symptoms faster. Nebuliser is a device that changes liquid medicine into a fine mist. This mist can be then inhaled through a mask or a mouthpiece. Nebulisers are typically used […]

Home Care Services – Benefits for the Entire Family

Studies indicate that patients recuperating from illness, injury or surgical procedures, are more likely to heal better when recovering at home. Home based recovery is typically quicker and cheaper than in expensive medical facilities. Extended stay in hospitals can also increase the risk of secondary infections that may seriously compromise rehabilitation and recuperation. Where would […]

Challenges faced by the Elderly in India

  The elderly Indian population is one of the fastest-growing in the world. At 110 million, India has the second-largest global population of ageing citizens. By 2050, that number will probably increase to 240 million.   Yet, India lacks basic infrastructure and expertise to support the health & welfare of our elderly. According to multiple […]

Managing the Care of Aging Parents

Watching a parent become weaker, sicker or feebler is stressful. And when that parent becomes hostile or resistant to help, it can get very stressful for you. Knowing how to manage such situations is critical in developing a long term care plan for your parent. Aging could be a difficult process Age and illness can […]

Census: Elders Living Alone in India

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/15-million-elderly-Indians-live-all-alone-Census/articleshow/43948392.cms Almost 15 million senior citizens live alone in India. Of them, as many as 75% are women. Tamil Nadu is one of the states where the ratio of senior citizens living alone is 1:11. The ratio of elderly people in India is 1:7, wherein there is no one in the household under the age […]

Music Therapy for Senior Citizens

  “Music has been interwoven with societal evolution since time immemorial. There is no culture on earth that doesn’t have its music. Of late, music has transcended the boundaries of art and pleasure, to which it was oft relegated, and has showed strong potential as a healing agent for the brain.” Recent studies show that […]

Diwali Risks for the Elderly

Kali Puja/Diwali is known to be that time of the year when people celebrate with friends and family. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is never complete without elaborate fireworks. Fireworks add life to the celebrations. However, firecrackers have a flipside to them. The smoke and noise can cause serious issues, especially among […]

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