Emergency Response

TriBeCa Care’s Emergency Response is a unique offering for our members who subscribe to a monthly elder care package. From providing a 24/7 Helpline to arranging ambulance at the middle of the night, the Emergency Response service is widely used by TriBeCa members. Some of the top hospitals provide discounts to TriBeCa members too.

TriBeCa has an extensive registration process for new members, including preferred hospitals and doctors. When an Emergency occurs, we can activate the response protocol much sooner.TriBeCa Care Managers provide comprehensive emergency support for members, including managing the full hospital admission process and coordinating the hospital stay with family members who cannot be with the patient. We help co-ordinate payments to the hospital and provide post hospital home care when the elderly are released back home.

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The elderly are especially susceptible to falls and injuries. They are also taken suddenly ill and if they live alone there is no one to attend to them. For elderly people who live alone, an emergency response system is not a luxury but a necessity. TriBeCa Care’s emergency response system helps find out about medical emergencies and respond as quickly as possible.
Emergency Alert Phone for Senior Citizens

SOS enabled phone

Elderly people living in their own homes are in real danger of finding themselves alone in case of accidents and emergencies. Our members are given an SOS enabled phone with an emergency call button. In the case of a fall, injury or any other kind of medical emergency, the member needs to press the emergency button.

24x7 emergency response for senior citizens

Emergency Response

When there is a medical emergency, the response time is usually average to high. However, with the TriBeCa Care emergency response team, emergency response time is minimised considerably.  Once the member presses the emergency button on their SOS enable phone, someone from the response team answers them, assesses their situation and gets them the help they need.

Help with Hospitalization

Help with Hospital Admission

Illness or injury can happen to anybody, anytime. Running from pillar to post for medical services is not easy for people who live alone. It is especially difficult for the elderly. TriBeCa Care’s emergency response system transports our members to a hospital of their choice, manages the admission procedure and coordinates the member’s entire hospital stay. It also coordinates with the next of kin for payments to the hospital and keeps a running total.

Caregivers for senior citiizens

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Care managers are assigned to hospitalised members and the care managers take care of whatever they may need during their hospital stay. They focus on what the members want and ensure that they get it. They also coordinate between doctors and family members, keeping them updated about the member’s hospitalization.

SOS Emergency alert phone for Elderly

How It Works

An elderly person has a fall or meets with an accident at home. They press the emergency button on the SOS enable phone given to them by TriBeCa Care. This dials an emergency contact number and they reach our 24/7 emergency service. Our 24/7 protocol led response team goes to their location and our network of ambulance service offers urgent medical attention, if needed. Then the member is transported to the hospital of their choice.


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