Home Care is care delivered at home to help someone recuperate quickly or make them feel better after a surgery or hospital visit. It could also be home based care for a chronic patient to help manage everyday life better – be it physical care or emotional support.

Home Care can be used by many different kinds of people - the elderly, the infirm, new mothers or those recovering from a recent surgery.

Tribeca Care is a professionally managed Elder Care and Home Care Company that connects you with reliable, responsible and effective Home Care solutions. Using best-in-class processes and protocols we bring Kolkata’s trusted health care network to your door-step.

Tribeca Care has been set up by people just like you who have faced practical Home Care related problems like you have.

Our services are managed by trained, trusted, graduate-level Care Managers who work hard to coordinate care for your loved one.

Tribeca Care partners with top hospitals, trusted doctors, diagnostic clinics, elder care NGOs, geriatric and Alzheimer’s societies, physiotherapists and hand-chosen nursing agencies to create India’s most organised Home Care delivery platform.

Some Tribeca Care services are only for members. Membership allows us to understand and know the customers well, earn their trust over time – this is especially true for our Elder Care services. Care Manager’s service, Doctor Home calls and 24/7 Emergency Helpline are open only to Members.

However, we also provide a la carte services (e.g. Home nurses and ayahs) for short-term requirements.

Please call +91 33 402-77777 to discuss your situation in more details.

Our health network is extensive and spread across Kolkata. We partner only with well recognized and reliable service providers – Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dementia specialists, Old Age Homes, Diagnostic Clinics, Ambulances and other support services.

Tribeca Care Managers coordinate your care with these appropriate service providers and take the hassle out of Home Care for your loved one.

Tribeca Care’s service charges are modest and affordable, simply because we believe that everyone should be able to afford good Home Care.

For the range of services provided, including access to our 24-hour Emergency Helpline, Tribeca Care charges are surprisingly low.

Elder Care and Home Care are major concerns for most of us. Our affordable rates and range of services will truly impress you.

Call us on + 91 33 402-77777

Far from it!

Set up by senior professionals from Premier Schools like Indian Institute of Management, Columbia University, New York University, London Business School, Calcutta Medical College and Boston University, Tribeca Care is a social enterprise.

Tribeca Care aims to bring professional Elder & Home care solutions to families struggling to find responsible and efficient services for their loved ones.

Due to constant customer demand, we have now added care giving services to our portfolio. But like everything else we do, we bring processes, protocols and controls to improve client experience with nursing & ayah care at home.

We are Tribeca Care – Kolkata’s best Elder Care & Home Care solution.

To ensure that elders in our care are under constant monitoring, Tribeca Care Managers make frequent phone calls and regulated home visits. This allows Tribeca Care to be alert to even subtle changes in older customers’ well-being, and immediately red flag situations before they become crisis points.

In addition, the Care Managers provide emotional warmth, companionship and regular support to the lonelier elders.

Tribeca Care Managers are also the Emergency contact point for elders in case their near and dear ones are not in Kolkata.

Unlike local maid and ayah agencies, we have a professional team and a good infrastructure with significant investment in technology and people. In addition to our 24/7 Emergency Helpline, our office is staffed from 9 am to 7 pm to handle issues and concerns (other than Sundays and public holidays).

We have a system of checks and balances that closely monitor Tribeca Members frequently. Innovations like Tribeca Care Managers, frequent customer calls, close oversight of nurses and ayahs, working with trusted healthcare partners – all improve our professional services.

No. Your doctor only prescribes relevant medication, appropriate tests and dietary instructions. But if she wants to discuss the specifics of your home care, we would of course be delighted to work with her and improve the care outcome for you.

Yes. Tribeca Care conducts an Initial Assessment in order to get to know especially the Elderly and for them to know us. Information regarding your health issues, the services you require and your emergency contacts will be obtained at this time.

You are not alone. Many older people resist having assistance in the beginning. One possible solution is to ask your loved one to allow a Care Manager to come in once a week just to ease your mind. We recommend that you start by investigating all available care options and creating a plan of care. Then you can gradually add hours as your loved one becomes accustomed to and enjoys the company of the Care Manager or feels the need for other Tribeca Care services.

The company was founded in 2013 by 5 NRIs. Each Tribeca Founder has had strong personal connects with the challenges of managing an older parent's health situation in India. They each feel passionately about the need for professional, trustworthy At - Homecare services for the elderly.

The Tribeca Management Team has extensive senior-level professional experience across India, UK, US & the Middle East. The Founders consists of alumni from IIMs, IITs, Columbia Business School, Stern Business School, London Business School, St Stephen's College, Calcutta Medical College and Member of Royal College of Physicians.

Tribeca arranges for scheduled doctor home visits. However, in case of emergencies, we do not provide doctors. We arrange for an ambulance and also provide assistance with hospitalization in case of emergencies.

For national and state holidays, regular services may be disrupted. All emergency services remain fully operational 24/7, all 365 days.