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TriBeCa Care is India’s leading Elder Care platform. Our Independent Living, Assisted Living & Senior Care programmes are designed specifically for you. You can choose from a wide range of elderly services – from TriBeCa Senior Travel to TriBeCa Emergency Response.









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Make Your Last Goodbye to Your Loved Ones Memorable With Us

TriBeCa offers compassionate and humanitarian approach for affordably priced funerals, cremation, and memorial services designed to meet your family’s needs across all religions and communities. We understand the hassles of organizing the last-rites of your loved one.

Local Funerals

Tribeca understands that your loved ones deserve a dignified goodbye. We aim to decimate your hassles and ordeals during your hours of grief. Grief is a natural reaction to the loss we experience when someone we care about dies. As painful and difficult as it is, the grieving process is an important step in healing.


With our compassionate and smooth funeral services, we allow you the time you need to grieve the loss of your loved ones.




Embalming is process of preserving human remains by treating them with chemicals to forestall decomposition. This makes the deceased suitable for public or private viewing as part of the funeral ceremony.



When is Embalming Necessary?


Embalming is most often performed to delay the decomposition process of the human body for friends and relatives or in order to spend more time with them. A better preservation and proper viewing of the body is considered to be helpful in the grieving process.

International repatriation of human remains often requires embalming as a legal procedure. Embalming is also required in case of extended time between death and final disposition or cremation.

Shardh Ceremony

Performing Shradh is a part of abiding by Dharma according to scriptures. It is the ritual followed by Hindus to pay homage to deceased loved ones. It is a way of expressing gratitude towards the parting souls, celebrating their life and praying for their peace.


We support the family members in their darkest moments with respect and arrange for various post death rituals smoothly.

Human Repatriation

Transfer the human remains of your loves anywhere across the world through air, road and rail. Our representatives will assist you with hassle-free documentation and clearances involved in the process.

Funeral Pre-planning

Funeral Pre-planning

Pre-plan your funeral and relieving your family of the burden of arranging things at the last minute. Make your own choices and choose the type of service you want. If you have specific preferences for the disposition of your remains and the nature of your funeral services, express them in your funeral plan.


Talk to us about about wishes and we will take care of delivering them on time. From will planning to organ donation. Your wish is our command.


Why Should I Pre-plan My Funeral?


Safe custody of gifts and memories to your spouse, children, friends.
Relieve your family from worrying about the hassles of funeral planning.
Provision to honour your last wishes.
Provision of legal handover of documents and will.
A will is the simplest way to distribute your legacy as per your wishes.
Avoid your children from running around the courts. Choose what will go to whom.


Why an Obituary is Important?


Obituaries help spread the word that someone has died. They commemorate the life and let others know when and where services will be held.


An obituary is vitally important as it tells the story of your loved one’s life. The person appearing on the obituary is someone’s family, friend, or neighbour, thus reading about the deceased person provides satisfaction and helps in the healing process.


Obituary Services

We understand your emotional state and help you write an obituary for your loved ones. However, writing an obituary can be challenging.


Make the obituary special and touching. Let the obituary reflect the personality and events that made your loved one’s life unique. Give the world a glimpse of how the person touched the lives of others.

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