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TriBeCa Care offers simple to complex home health care solutions for patients. From post-surgery cases to chronic care at home, we have a trained team of nurses, personal care attendants, physios and para-medics to handle a variety of care needs.

We provide specialist services including pulmonary rehabilitation, speech therapy, sleep apnea treatment, dementia care, mini ICU set-up for critical care cases and trained ICU nurses. We also provide personal care attendants for the elderly who can help in cleaning, bathing and toileting activities.

Home Health Care in COVID-19

  • Regular thermal Screening
  • Symptoms check
  • Santinitzed Car
  • Face mask
  • Hand hygiene protocol

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Our Services

Our home health care services includes home nurses, trained attendants, devices at home, diagnostics at home and physio at home. Now bypass the long queues at diagnostic centers and physiotherapy clinics with our home health care services in Kolkata.
Nurse at Home in Kolkata

Home Care in COVID-19

TriBeCa Care is now providing specialized home health care solutions for Covid-19 home isolated and discharged patients for confirmed, mild cases. We are also providing complete home health care solutions for COVID-19 negative, recovering patients. Our trained nurses/hospital brothers are strictly following all the necessary COVID protocols as suggested by the government.

Nurse at Home in Kolkata

Home Nurses

TriBeCa’s home nurses are medically trained to provide clinical care to convalescing patients. These services include help with activities of daily life while recovering from an illness and more complicated care for those who need it. Our home nurses provide assistance with recovery and post-hosptalisation care to patients and help their families handle medication and care in-home, building enduring and trusting relationships with patients in the process.

Trained Attendants at Home

Trained Attendants

Convalescing patients need all the care they can get post-hospitalisation. TriBeCa Care has attendants and ayahs, both full-time and part-time, who are trained to provide non-clinical assistance to patients once they come back home. All attendants and ayahs are verified and trained by TriBeCa Care. Their services include dusting and mopping, physical assistance for those with mobility issues in performing activities of daily living, cooking and feeding the patient orally, washing utensils and doing other chores in the house.

Medical Equipment for rent or sale

Devices at Home

TriBeCa Care provides post-hospitalisation devices at home for both chronic and critical care. We provide critical care devices like ventilators, monitors, BiPap machines and suction machines. The mobility devices we provide are wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and walking sticks. Our chronic care home devices include oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, BP machines and pulse oximeters. We also provide sleep devices like CPap and masks. These devices can be bought or taken on rent and will be delivered to your doorstep.

Diagnostics Service at Home

Diagnostics at Home

We all know how annoying and time consuming it can be to wait for a blood test at a diagnostic clinic. It is even more troublesome for the elderly to wait in a queue. TriBeCa Care brings the services of a diagnostic clinic to your home. Our Diagnostics at Home service provides diagnostics for sleep test, blood test, test for diabetes and a full body check-up whenever you need it. Book a skilled technician through our easy call facility, who then visits you at your home to collect samples. Reports are delivered to your home or via email on completion of the tests.

Physiotherapy at Home

Physio at Home

The best option for post hospitalisation pain management is physiotherapy. After coming back home from hospital after an illness, patients can hardly be expected to travel all the way to a physiotherapy clinic. TriBeCa Care brings physiotherapy at home for convalescing patients of all ages. Our physiotherapists are trained to provide personalised care, ameliorating the healing process, in the comfort of your home.

Medical Equipment for rent or sale

Baby Care Services

TriBeCa Care now provides Baby Care services for new-born babies at home. We understand you need support with the arrival of a new family member at home and we want to make this beautiful time easier for you. Get an experienced and trained nanny, babysitter, nurse, and attendants for the new-born baby and mother at your home. We also provide Post-delivery Care services to the mother at home.

ICU Set up at Home

Our ICU set-up at Home services is operated by a critical care team comprising ICU Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Physiotherapists and others with close monitoring and nursing care, employing high-end authentic medical equipment and other devices. Our team is highly competent and extremely efficient to handle a range of services that require invasive ventilator support, BIPAP/CPAP support, clinical expertise and more. Patients recover faster in the comfort of their home.

Critical Care

Tribeca Care provides long-term and supportive Critical Care in the comforts of your home. We help our patients who need intensive care at home under the supervision of highly-trained nurses, hospital brothers, therapists who are proficient in ICU, Basic Life Support (BLS) and situational handling to deliver the best of care to the patients. Our focus is to provide the best quality of home health care with a high standard of medical and healthcare for their faster recovery at a significantly lower price than that of a hospital stay.

Precautions for Home Care Workers During COVID-19

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