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Tribeca Care is India’s Leading home healthcare company that delivers the finest quality medical equipment. We offer a wide range of medical equipment for rent or sale to make healthcare more accessible and affordable with the comfort at your home.

Medical Equipment on Rent/Sale

Wheel Chair for elders


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Glucometer for adults


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CPAP devices for emergency patients

CPAP Device

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Pulse Oximeter for emergency use

Pulse Oximeter

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Oxygen Concentrator for emergency use

Oxygen Concentrator

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Ventilators for emergency use


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Air Mattress for adults

Air Mattress

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BIPAP Device

BIPAP Device

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Words from our Clients

I bought a CPAP Device and a Glucometer from Tribeca Care. Both were excellent products & at a great price. I dealt with their customer service representatives, they were highly professional and very helpful. The delivery was when it was convenient for me and the delivery guys were wonderful and happy to help. They also provide the set up facilities post delivery. Thank You Tribeca Care for the fabulous service and effort.
Ayan Bhattacharya

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