Peace Old Age Home

Old Age Home in Sreerampur, Kolkata


Peace Senior Living takes a different approach in an old age care home. They look to combine the essence of the natural environment with modern amenities. This modernized approach supports from assisted living to independent living. Peace Senior Living is suitable for both short-term and long-term stay. A typical day there is structured by an easy schedule which makes sure health is maintained as well as there is ample scope for entertainment. The community hours are especially very well organized with all the residents sharing their laughs and sorrows. Elderly people can find themselves belonging to this loving community and work as per their merit, as a contribution to this community.

Health Services
Enrolment Criteria & Fees

Minimum Enrolment Age

60 years


Deposits – 4lakhs to 9lakhs

Monthly – 13,500 to 22,575

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