Shantineer Old Age Home

Old Age Home in Baranagar, Kolkata


Shantineer Old Age Home take care of people at their old age by offering a homely atmosphere. We understand their needs and provide services accordingly, with the best comfort and satisfaction.  From arranging regular health check ups to a range of engaging activities, we make sure that each of the members at our home are living a hassle-free, safe life. We constantly strive to maintain the good health of our old age home residents by taking proper steps. We understand the needs of the elderly living alone, provides emotional companionship services, among detailed, comprehensive care at home for the elderly.

Health Services
Enrolment Criteria & Fees

Minimum Enrolment Age

60 years


For Dementia & Diabetic Patients:-

1) Sharing Rooms: 7k –15k
2) Double Room: 12k – 18k
3) Single Rooms: 15k – 20k

For Physically Fit Elders:

1) Single Room with attach bath: Rs 150000/- (Security Deposit) & Rs 15000/- (Monthly Charges)
2) Single Room without attach bath: Rs 125000/- (Security Deposit) & Rs 12000/- (Monthly Charges)
3) Single Room with attach bath for couples: Rs 150000 /-(Security Deposit) & Rs 16000/-(Monthly Charges)
4) Sharing 1/4: Rs 35,000/-(Security Deposit) & Rs 4500/-(Monthly Charges)
5) Sharing 3/4: Rs 50000/- (Security Deposit) & 5500/-(Monthly Charges)
6) Sharing 2/4: Rs 100000/-(Security Deposit) & 7500/- to 9000/-(Monthly Charges)

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