Vasundhara Old Age Home

Vasundhara Old Age Home


Vasundhara old age home is a haven for those who have spent most of their lives earning their living, pursuing material necessities. It is the perfect place for the elderly who feel the need to move away from the hustle bustle of the city and yet remain connected to it in some way. Here their daily needs will be taken care of and they will still have the opportunity for self development.

Health Services
Enrolment Criteria & Fees

Minimum Enrolment Age

60 years


Deposit – Rs. 3 to 5 Lakhs

Monthly – Rs. 9,300 to 15,000

S Ghosh1 June, 2018
It’s a nice seen place for senior citizens living. It’s place where we can feel Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s ideal towards life is working.-
Akash RoyChowdhury23 April, 2018
Nice construction away from the crowd and away from city and also good arrangements of everything to fulfil your wishes.
Rajib Kundu13 October, 2017
Vasundhara Your Home for Tomorrow. Once you reach there as if you are in Heaven. Awesome place for those who are retired but not tired.
John Bagul4 May, 2018
Great location, beautiful concept ….
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