I Ball Assan 3 Senior

I Ball Assan 3 Senior


Worried about your parents living alone at home? Turn to TriBeCa Care’s SOS enalbled phone, which not only helps in high alert monitoring of seniors when they are alone at home, but also provides emergency support when required.

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1) 7 points high alert monitoring

2) Family Portal Access (FPA)

3) Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

4) Large keypads for easy dial

5)2.2 inch screen for better vision

6) Big fonts to avoid stress on eyes

7)Easy to handle

8)Backlight keypad to hep in the dark

9)Loud ringtones

10)Clear and hassle free conversations

11) For any emergency when alone

12) SOS button sends SMS to 5 emergency contacts

13)Alarm bell to notify nearby people

14)Auto-pick external calls on speaker


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