Nasal Canula

Nasal Canula


Oxygen Nasal Cannula is a thin, plastic tube that delivers oxygen directly into the nose through two small prongs. It’s used in adult and pediatric patients alike as a type of respiratory support. It designed for short-term or post-opeartive oxygen patients and provides maximum freedom to the patient and leaves the patient’s mouth free for nutrition & communication.



Manufactured from soft, non-toxic PVC.
Twin nasal prongs are designed to ensure equal volume of oxygen to both air passages.
Straight, non-flared nasal prongs ensure consistent delivery of oxygen.
Over- the-ear style with soft flexible nasal prongs for patient comfort.
Over-the-ear adjustable slide moves smoothly, yet provides a secure and comfortable fit while allowing maximum freedom of movement.
Collapse-resistant star-lumen ensures the supply of oxygen even if the tube kinks accidentally.
Soft funnel shape universal connector facilitates easy connection to the oxygen sources.

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10 meters, 25 meters


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