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Senior Citizen Advisor: Your Guide to Better Ageing

Sometimes taking care of your elderly parents can be like walking on thin ice. It becomes tough when you have an inkling that your parents cannot live alone and take care of themselves. At such times, you struggle with your decision-making process and deciding on which senior living or old age home is the right […]

Arati Princess Nest: A New Perspective for Old Age Homes

Look around you. There are skyscrapers, dug-up roads, and parked cars everywhere causing two things—encroached spaces and hordes of pollution. Amidst this, organic farming is a sustainable way to reintroduce ecological balance and make it pollution-free. Some of the benefits of organic farming are as follows: Organic farming is done with healthy soil Curbing the […]

The ART of PEACE(ful) Living

Amidst a regimented routine and leisure at the Peace Senior Living at Baruipur, we met the Peace boarders after lunch, when everyone was relaxing and waiting for their customary siesta. We were amazed to see their respective rooms, with a sitting area, bedding area, personal balcony, loft and bathroom. Nothing really is a headache for […]

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