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TriBeCa Care has launched Assisted Telemedicine Services for Seniors with renowned doctors in Kolkata. Now you can reach the doctors while sitting at home for any emergency services as well as for regular and routine check-ups or minor health issues

Steps to Follow for Quick Consultation

Meet Our Doctors

Qualification: MBBS, Orthopedic, MS in Clinal Fellowship in Foot & Ankle Surgery
Specialization: Orthopedic, Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Qualification: DNB Rheumato, MBBS, PGDCED
Specialization: Rheumatologist, Diabetologist

Qualification: MBBS
Specialization: General Physician

Specialization: Critical Care

Qualification: MBBS, DM- ENDO
Specialization: Endocrinologist, Diabetologist

Qualification: MBBS, DTCD,MD,FCCP (USA)
Specialization: Pulmonologist

Qualification: MBBS, MD, PGDM, PGEDPI
Specialization: General Physician, Geriatrician. Diabetologist

Qualification: MD, DM (medicine), DM ( Pulmo & Critical Care Med), PGIMER
Specialization: Interventional Pulmonologist & Intensivist

Qualification: MD, PDCC, FCCS, CCEPC
Specialization: Critical Care

Qualification: MBBS, MD
Specialization: Pulmonologist

Qualification: MBBS, MD (PGT in Preventive Medicine)
Specialization: General Physician

Qualification: MBBS
Specialization: General Physician

Qualification: MD GP, DIAB, & Cardiology, Certificate Royal College of Physician
Specialization: General Physician, Diabetologist

Qualification: MBBS,MD (Psychiatry)
Specialization: Neuropsychiatrist

Qualification: MBBS, PGDGM
Specialization: General Physician, Geriatrician

Qualification: MBBS, MD
Specialization: General Physician

Qualification: MBBS, ACMDC (Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease), PHFI
Specialization: General Physician

FAQS on Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a new-age practice of caring for the patients remotely. The approach has been a striking evolution in the field of healthcare as it allows the provider and the patient to interact remotely through various video consulting tools.

Telemedicine also known as e-health, is a revolutionary tool in the field of healthcare. Today with the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic one of the common challenges faced by the public is social distancing. Tribeca Care has started telemedicine services that help doctors to diagnose and treat the critical diseases in remote locations with medical expertise.

Tribeca Care has now started assisted telemedicine services with renowned doctors in Kolkatta. However, there are quite a few steps to follow for quick consultation:

  1. Send a message to the mobile number: 8336916693.
  2. Book an appointment with the top doctors in the city.
  3. Indulge in a round of teleconsultation and care manager assistance.

There are certain rules or laws that need to be adhered to while practicing assisted telemedicine. They are:

  • To work and establish a strategy or a set of goals.
  • Implement a capable team to carry out the process.
  • Follow the laws and guidelines properly to avoid any improper exploitation.
  • Partner with a reliable company to integrate the latest technology into your medical practices.

For any medical consultation to take place there is a set of guidelines, that act as an onus on the doctor. It helps the health care provider to check the complexity of the situation among many other things. Telemedicine also has a set of guidelines which are as follow:

  • Both the doctor and patient’s credentials have to be verified beforehand.
  • Age verification of the patient is mandatory before handing over a prescription. The Teleconsultation of minors can be only done in the presence of an adult family member.
  • The doctor has to maintain a health record and patients consent in the long run.
  • Doctors can issue prescriptions only after confirming the age of the patients. They can also provide the patient with a copy of the prescription.
  • The fees charged for teleconsultation will be the same as for an in-person visit.
  • Both the doctor and the patient can stop the consultation at any stage.

Yes, the assisted telemedicine practice is safe. Tribeca Care is one of the leading elder care services that helps in exercising well-assisted telemedicine. The organization takes care of the right conditions for the appropriate cases to provide effective medical expertise through the best health-care professionals.

The basic terms and conditions for assisted telemedicine are as follows:

  1. The assisted telemedicine services are only for emergency services, routine check-ups, and minor health issues.
  2. The online consultation will require age verification along with other suitable forms of verification for both doctors and patients.
  3. The fees charged for the consultation shall be the same as on a personal visit to the doctor.

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