I am very pleased with the service provided by Tribeca. Arup Dey is an excellent care manager who arranged doctor’s visit at home. I truly appreciate Arup’s effort.
Sukanya Mitra 5th December,2020
When I heard from Elina that the philosophy behind TriBeCa was to look after parents as if they were her own – for me, this was most comforting. Avishek Barua the care manager is simply fantastic – nothing is a problem and he goes above and beyond. I approached them to look after my aged mother and TriBeCa has been simply fantastic in organising everything such as doctor visits, medicines, internet set up, home care. Elina and Team TriBeCa has been there for us, during our darkest hours. We thank you and wish you all the every best. Elina – you are our rock of Gibraltar – and Avishek – you are a rock star !
Alpha Romeo2nd December,2020
We are very happy with the care provided to us. We strongly recommend TriBeCa Care.
A Chatt30th November,2020
It has been a wonderful experience with Tribeca since March 2019 when my mother fell ill. I felt the need of supervision for my parents in the absence of both me and my sister. Mr. Supriyo Som has been our care manager since then it has been an extremely fruitful experience. The people in Tribeca have done their duties most diligently. Thank you for the wonderful experience and looking forward to more interactions in the near future.
Chandrima Home30th November,2020
Extremely happy and at mental peace with the support Tribeca is providing to three of my Family members in Kolkata, My Maternal Uncle, My in-law and my Dad. The care Manager Supriyo looks after all three and that’s a big relief from coordination point of view. They are always reachable, quite flexible and prompt in their service. My focal point Ananya at their HO is very cooperative and we are happy with their service.
S Gupta29th November,2020
We have received very good service from Tribeca Care for the past two years. My mother’s care manager, Shinjini Poddar, is extremely efficient, prompt and helpful. She has been available at all times and her level of care is above and beyond anything we expected.
Romita Sen29th November,2020
I really appreciate the Excellent service of TriBeCaCare for my Mother in law and Refer them to my friends .Our Care Manager is Avisekh Barua who is very efficient and gives prompt services whenever we need help.We are impressed and and truly satisfied with everything.
Kaberi Majumdar27th November,2020
I am happy with the service provided by Tribeca care. CM Avishek is very nice and helpful
Chandrabali Dhar27th November,2020
TriBeCa Care provides a wonderful service with caring & professional support all the way. Special shout-out to Supriyo, one of the Care Executives who goes “the extra mile”. Thank you for the little things, thank you for taking time to listen, troubleshoot and prioritize issues – for this we are grateful.
Saptarshi Basu26th November,2020
I have relied on Tribeca Care for more than one and half years now, and am happy with the services they have provided my mom in Kolkata. Supriyo Shom, our care manager, is very responsive and takes his responsibilities seriously. He has taken care of my mom’s health and non-health needs on a timely basis and been of great help to us. I would highly recommend Tribeca to others seeking elder care services in Kolkata.
Arkadipta Ghosh25th November,2020
A huge Thank you to Tribeca Care for their notable services even during these unprecedented times. Our mother lives alone in Kolkata and it is very difficult for her to maintain her everyday activities. We are grateful for the excellent services from our care manager Supriyo Som. He is always there for my mother. His jovial and considerate attitude has put my mother at ease. Most importantly she feels very comfortable and looks forward to his visits every week. Any difficulty that may arise, we are assured that Supriyo is just a phone call away. We thank him from the bottom of our heart for taking care of our mother. We will definitely recommend Tribeca Care to our family and friends.
Sutithi and Pankaj25th November,2020
This is an excellent service for elderly people. Mr. Ayan Sen is our Care Manager. He is very professional and responsible in meeting the requests from my parents. He is very prompt in responding to our calls and also maintains a very positive attitude, essential for serving senior citizens.
Monimalika Day24th November,2020
Thankful to the Tribeca team (Founder Prateep Sen, COO Jayanta Sen and most importantly Care Manager Arpita Guha) for caring for my dad and mom (at two separate locations). Being the only child and physically on the other side of the planet (in San Francisco), I am depending on Tribeca and Care Manager Arpita for everything a son ought to be doing for his parents. Also thankful to the attendants Asha, Rupa and Nurses Rajeshwari and Sonali. When all is said and done I will make sure they are duly rewarded for their help. Not everything is perfect with Tribeca – and as expected there is plenty of room for improvement. Even so, I commend the team for the Service they are providing to the society! Thank you Tribeca.
Kaushik Roy23rd November,2020
This is an excellent service for elderly people. Mr. Ayan Sen is our Care Manager. He is very professional and responsible in meeting the requests from my parents. He is very prompt in responding to our calls and also maintains a very positive attitude, essential for serving senior citizens.
Ratna Day17th November,2020
If you are not living in the city and have aged parents then Tribeca is a good proposition. We have personally seen Tribeca providing the support that is being paid for in multiple cases. That service is very helpful and timely. I would strongly recommend Tribeca. Their care givers also interact very nicely with the elders and strike a rapport very fast.
Ranadev Ray Choudhury16th November,2020
A note of thanks to Tribeca. My mom is an advanced cancer patient and yesterday, with the lockdown in place, we faced an emergency situation. We were at a loss since we are based in Singapore and have been unable to travel to Kolkata for covid. Manash, our care manager, facilitated the entire thing beyond words. Not only was his assurance timely but done with utmost care. He kept assuring me throughout the ordeal that I had nothing to worry about. The nurse was a thorough professional who knew his job and did it efficiently. My mom was satisfied because he provided the much needed intervention. Thanks a lot. So relieved to be a part of the Tribeca family. We thank both Manash and the nurse for their support and kindness all through. We look forward to staying a part of Tribeca and will recommend your service to our family and friends.
Parama Sinha Palit29th August,2020
I am really satisfied with tribecas help..during such tough time….when no one was there for taking care of my grand father…they provided us such a talented, educated and trained brother..who gave us his 100% service..and this institution is really liable..I can assure you..if you are in trouble let them help you..thank you Tribeca..
Sanjana Sarkar29th July,2020
Everyone in Tribeca team is very pleasant to work with. Mr. Subho Das, my parents’ care manager, and his colleagues are always around for my parents. I would recommend Tribeca
Rita Basu Mallick27th June,2020
We have got excellent services at all times for the last 2 years, be it as critical as getting emergency ambulance, hospitalization and discharge to the regular continued services of nurses and attendants at all times. We are grateful for the excellent services from our care manager Shubha Das. He is always there for our mother. We are grateful to Dr. Abhishek Chattopadhyay for his timely and prompt visits and suggestions. Tribeca takes care of all medicinal supplies, any blood tests or other tests.. And it is done from the comfort of the home. The person need not go anywhere. These services are invaluable. In these critical covid-19 times also, Tribeca has continued to give its best services without any lack of quality. I am sure people at the back-end must be doing a lot extra work in this lock-down times and I am grateful for the same. God bless each one of you.
Debashree Das25th June,2020
TriBeCa Care is one of its kind, in this strange situation of Covid-19 where everyone is stranded where ever they are. TriBeCa personals are doing a fabulous job by comforting & providing mental strength to seniors as well as by their presence… the trust & the ever helping attitude selflessly is commendable .. I thank Jyotirmoy from bottom of my heart for taking care of my parents … thanks
Rupa Das22nd June,2020
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