“I am very fortunate to have Arpita as my Care Manager. For me – she is the face of Tribeca and hence I feel fortunate that Tribeca is there to care for my parents.”
Kaushik Roy22nd June,2021
Tribeca care has done wonderful work in providing mental and extremely useful support in times of emergency-as I had faced recently when my mother had covid. There were people associated who provided the medical support where a person would preferably not want hospitalisation but required help to remain at home safely. Thanks to the positive attitude of people here who put service over self that everything is almost back to everyday normal routine . I would be the first to recommend to others as well as to appreciate the dedication of the people associated with this organisation
Paramita Basu15th June,2021
We are so thankful to have Tribeca Care service for our mother back in India , when during these unprecedented times me and my brother in USA are unable to be at her side due to several travel restrictions. Special shout out to our care manager Oindrilla and Swaraj to be always available when needed!
Indrani Ghosh Chowdhury15th June,2021
Tribeca Care has been very supportive of my mother who is a resident in South Kolkata. Their care managers Yendrila, Swaraj, co-ordinator Priyanka and the staff has been extremely helpful in checking up on my mother, taking her to doctors appointments, facilitating covid vaccinations and much more. I would recommend their services and ask Tribeca administration to keep up their good work.
Nilabja Ghosh Chowdhury15th June,2021
We are quite happy with TriBeCa service. During the 2nd wave of COVID pandemic my 84 yrs old bed ridden father got infected. At that time regular Care manager couldn’t attend my father neither he could help with his hospitalization. He recommended Sudipto for all the necessary formalities. Sudipto did an excellent job by doing all the formalities to admit my father to a Rajarhat hospital and stayed till morning 2am to complete all the hospital formalities. During his discharge Sudipto again did an excellent job going out of his way buying a few necessary items before bringing him home safely. We are very happy with his sense of responsibility, caring attitude and understanding of the situation. 1
Gungun Chanda14th June,2021
I always recomend Tribeca Care. My care manager Sri Mrinmoy Sen always take care of me. I live alone in Salt Lake. So I always depend on Tribeca Care and need their help. I am very greatful to my care manager and also Tribeca Care. I am member of tribeca care for two years. I am Happy as a member of tribeca care.
Lekha Sen13th June,2021
Good service provided by Irfan to my mother.
Samit Banerjee9th June,2021
Very good experience so far with the Tribeca Care. I have taken their service since March 2021 to support my elderly in laws in Kolkata as they are very old to take care of themselves and my mother in law is bed ridden. We stay outside Kolkata and it was extremely difficult for us to manage all. Tribeca Care has done a great job till now and our care manager Imon has handled the situation very well with lot of care. Certainly recommend them.
Anirban Banerjee9th June,2021
Tribeca has been responsive, caring and enquiring yet not over nosy as we wanted. Whatever we requested for in the past 3 months or so, although nothing major like hospitalization or so thankfully; were handled well by them. Irfan is our direct care giver and has always been a phone call away and even time to time calling and enquiring. Thanks.
Subhajit Roy7th June,2021
We have been very pleased with Mr Majumdar. He’s been very helpful and kind. My mother has enjoyed visits from him. He’s taken care as much as possible of everything we have asked of him. Very grateful for his services.
Paula Bhargava29th May,2021
Dear Mr Sen Thank you for your prompt action. We will be waiting for the nurse in the evening. Can understand the constraints at your end. We all are feeling so helpless in such a situation. We are really grateful for your constant support. Your care manager Mrinmoy did a great job of her release. The release was kind of sudden. Last night we got the call of the release. Just hoping arrives by evening. Thank you.
Shuvashree Mukherjee17th May,2021
TriBeca has now become a part of my family. Yes I will not say care manager and care but its my comfort zone where I know someone is really there to take care of my family. I hope one who stays far from the family seek such support. I am really gald that I have become a member of Tribeca.
Aurkie Ray12th May,2021
We got very competent and effective help in the entire process of vaccination. End to end, the entire process was completed in about 75 minutes. Many many thanks to Mr. Amit Pal who offered excellent hand-holding service.
Dilip Dasgupta11th May,2021
I’m expressing my gratitude and thanking you all immensely for your extremely timely support and ardent cooperation in helping us organize nursing care for our acutely ill relative Shri Saroj Ranjan Chowdhury in Jadavpur. We do hope that all of you are doing well and everything is fine at your end. We wanted to inform the Tribeca team that though it is unfortunate, our dear uncle Shri Chowdhury passed away on 1st of May, 2021. I’m particularly impressed by your staff members, namely, Mahua, Supriya and Ruma in the way they handled our urgent need
Rajarshi Chaudhuri3rd May,2021
Foud/Raj, Can’t thank you enough for all your support during the last few days. You all did an amazing job. You all take care and stay safe!! We will keep in touch. Tribeca team, I am very thankful for everything you did for Baba. Getting the second of oxygen cylinder was a miracle and so is arranging Rana at the last moment. Your job is difficult, sensitive and noble. You did it very well. I’ll not hesitate to recommend your service to friends and family.
Preeti Mitter & Shouri Mitter1st May, 2021
Sreemanta Palit has helped my parents secure the second dose of vaccine seamlessly going out of his way and doing all that was needed. We all are very thankful for this service, especially in our hour of need. Just letting you know so that his contribution is recognised within his organisation as he is fighting the great war against this pandemic by taking personal risks while caring and fulfilling his duties well. Kudos to him. And thanks to you all.
Dipanjan Gupta30th April,2021
Absolute great service provided by Tribeca from more than 2 years. The Care Manager Irfan Ali is caring & professional and responds quickly on queries.
Debashis Roy26th April,2021
Tribeca care one of the best health care provider for elder peoples. Appreciate there hard work and valuable services towards elderly people. In case of any emergencies they are the ones you can depend upon any time. And a special shout out to our care manager SUPRIYO SOM. When my mother needed any help he was always there to help her out. And specially in this Covid situation. Supriyo special thanks to you again for your immense help for getting my mother vaccinated for covid19.
Dipraj Ghosh26th April,2021
We live abroad & used Tribeca’s service for our mother during the extremely difficult COVID period of mid 2020, when we were unable to be there in person. Unfortunately we lost our mother during that period but the way Tribeca came thru for us means a lot. I would especially like to thank our Care Manager Pratusha Dutta Chowdhury who provided exceptional service with regards to hospitalizations, patient care & also funeral services, in our absence.
Sammy Ghosh25th April,2021
Experience with Tribeca has been fairly good. They are competent, responsive and cordial.
Bombay Classes22nd April,2021
Since we are staying abroad, we were worried about the well-being of our aged parents back home in India. We entrusted Tribeca care for taking care of our parents around 8 months ago and till date, they are doing a good job. Our care manager Irfan is very active and helpful takes good care of my father. Hope Tribeca will continue to provide excellent service so that we can have peace of mind staying far away from our parents.
Arnab Dutta21st April,2021
I and my brother are with Tribeca care for our parents for the past several years. They have been simply marvellous. The care managers are extremely polite, efficient and friendly and go above and beyond to help us. Mr. Kunal Banerjee has always been by our side and is always ready with a solution for every issue. They are always willing to offer help in every way they possibly can. We are immensely satisfied and happy with Tribeca care and would recommend everyone to join them to ensure safe, efficient and kind support for their parent and their loved ones.
Parama Dasgupta14th April,2021
We are with TriBeCa since 2018. Really appreciate their valuable service towards elderly people. We have also referred them to our friends. We would like to specially thank our care manager Sreemanta Palit for his support. It was very helpful when he arranged doctor’s appointment for my parent’s checkup during this pandemic.
Debarati Datta6th April,2021
I am grateful to Tribeca Care for the service you are extending to the society. I wish to mention the name of your representative Mr. Foud. The dedication and commitment depicted by him particularly and his team is commendable and beyond the capacity of a normal human being.
Ujjalendu Ghosh30th March,2021
We have been with with Tribeca care for a while now. Our care manager Raj Hossain has done a great job with everything over the years including today’s vaccination experience with my mother who is on her own in Kolkata. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it.
Shinjita Basu28th March,2021
My mother has been with Tribeca since November ’20. Their Care Manager service is excellent and I highly recommend it. In particular, Raj has been outstanding in terms of his service, care and responsiveness. My very best wishes for him.
Prabal De27th March,2021
I had a very pleasing experience with Tribeca care. Tribeca care is providing good service. Also to mention very happy with the behaviour and service of Care Manager Foud Bin Poyen. He is very sincere and pleasant and I can blind folded depend on him.
Amal chandra chatterjee26th March,2021
Arpita took amazing care of my parents, and was prompt in all her communications with me throughout the process. Much appreciated!!
Manjira Datta25th March,2021
Great attitude of your caregivers. Keep it up.
Santi Chatterjee19th March,2021
Everyone in Tribeca team is very pleasant to work with. Mr. Subho Das, my parents’ care manager, and his colleagues are always around for my parents. I would recommend Tribeca I just can’t thank Subho and team enough, for their super efficient management of vaccination initiative. I was worried how would my elderly parents manage to get the vaccination for Covid. Subho was so helpful , so well organized that my parents had a very easy way trhu. Thank you Subho and Thank you Tribeca for putting together a wonderful and caring team !!
Rita Basu Mallick19th March,2021
I have been with Tribeca since 2016 and they have throughout been excellent. However, the pandemic has revealed their brilliance even more. From finding the right kind of housemaids to taking all the precautions during these dreadful months, Tribeca has been exceptional. And they have walked the final miles by administering the vaccines safely and smoothly. Would like to thank the Tribeca Team, in particular, Swaraj, Arpita, Priyanka and Brishti for being with us throughout. Many thanks Tribeca for your priceless presence.
Jaideep Roy18th March,2021
I am very pleased with TriBeCa Care for taking care of my parents since Jan 2019. Our care manager, Mr. Ayan Sen regularly enquires the well being of my parents through phone calls and personal visits. He has done an amazing job in getting my mother vaccinated. He took care of the whole process and it went very smoothly. My mother is very pleased. I am really thankful to TriBeCa care and Ayan from the bottom of my heart.
Sharmila Dasgupta13th March,2021
Very happy with the service provided. Our care manager, Ayan Sen, has been very helpful, responsible and proactive. We wish him all the best.
Amitabha Roy11th March,2021
Yendrila is doing a wonderful job. We are very pleased with her. All the best to Tribeca. We sincerely bless her. She has looked after us very well since we became members of Tribeca Care Wishing her all best in her profesional life.
Amitabha Roy4th March,2021
I am residing in Bengaluru. Last month my aunt was diagnosed with gall bladder stone and needed to be operated. As she is an old lady and no helping hand available near by, I was looking for someone who can take care of her and accompanying her while she visits doctor and pre and post operative care. So I came across this organisation who took real good care of my aunt and the operation went smoothly. Special mention to the care manager Arup Dey. Good job !
Soumya Bhattacharjee27th February,2021
Jyotirmoy, my care manager deserves a shout out for his prompt service and expertise in dealing with emergency situations.
Manjusree Chakraborty25th February,2021
Since we live in a different city, our mother Anati Ghosh is under care for quite some time. We appreciate the good work of the team, especially Sandip Pal and Jyotirmoy, in handling an emergency situation at night that happened a couple of weeks back.
Hiranmay Ghosh18th February,2021
We have been associated with Tribeca for more than 7years. I am grateful to each one of the organization for their relentless help and support during my tough times. Mr Manas is assigned as my care manager. He is very humble, helpful and sincere with his work and has provided an excellent service during his work tenure. Thank u Manas Thank u Tribeca God bless you all
Rupa Sen7th February,2021
Shinjini is a very good girl – polite, well-mannered and extremely helpful. I’m very happy with her. I wish her all success.
Anjali Sen4th February,2021
We have been using Tribeca Care’s services for my 87 year old father in law who lives by himself in Salt Lake. Over the past nearly 6 years now, Jyotirmoy, our Care Manager, has been instrumental in his overall healthcare. We have found him thoroughly reliable and he often goes well beyond his call of duty to ensure that my father in law is not just physically well, but also emotionally as well. Most recently, he has been going over just to talk to my father in law, socially distanced ofcourse, and give him company during these difficult months of lockdown when my father in law has been feeling very low due to lonliness. My husband and I are immensely grateful for the loving, patient and diligent way in which Jyotirmoy has been taking care of my father in law. We sleep better at night (in London) knowing that he is being well looked after. Thank you Jyotirmoy and the entire Tribeca Care team.
Sheetal Banerjee28th January,2021
Since May 2018, we are using Tribeca care’s service for my father. Our care manager Avishek is very supportive and always available when we need him. Great work. Keep it up !
Arnab Kundu21st January,2021
I am very happy with the service provided by TriBeCa Care for my parents. The care manager, Ms.Arpita Guha does have great attitude towards her job. Her prompt action at the needful moments with utmost care is really praiseworthy. I am thankful to her as well as TriBeCa Care for taking care of my parents.
Avijit Datta17th January,2021
Sandip Pal is my Father’s care manager. Recently my father was admitted in the hospital and Sandip took care of everything from admitting him, going to visit him regularly, took care of all administrative job in the hospital and kept us updated of every minute details and payment etc. He is very efficient, caring and takes his job very seriously. As we stay in a different city and couldn’t travel to kolkata due to the pandemic, Sandip single handedly managed everything to make my father’s treatment and hospital stay as comfortable as possible. We are extreme pleased with his service.
Gungun Chanda17th January,2021
My Care Manager Supriyo Som is just an awesome guy. If I need him he is like a genie, think of him and he is there. My blessing is always with him. Tribeca you are doing a really fantastic work. Please keep people like Supriyo who makes living easier even when my sons are not here.
Samir Ch. Chakraborty15th January,2021
I get regular weekly visits ,and phone calls from Tribeca’s care giver Supriyo Som. If I need any other service like blood tests etc ,he makes arrangements for the same.
Amitra Banerjee14th January,2021
Exceedingly happy with the service provided by Sandip Pal for my father Adhip Ghosh Dastidar. He is very polite, efficient and prompt in his actions. He understands the member’s need and can anticipate and help family members like us who are not able to be with our parents as we stay out of India. Thanks a lot for your constant hard work and sincerity.
Mohana Das31st December,2020
We are very satisfied with the services. I would like to specially mention Arpita who was right by my parents side during a recent medical emergency. She was extremely proactive and did all necessary actions needed to handle the situation. Highly recomended.
Brinda Maiti31st December,2020
Our TriBeCa care manager Sandip Palit has been especially helpful during the pandemic restrictions and especially during the lockdown when normal channels of day to day supply for my mother, stranded in Kolkata, had been severely impeded. Thank you for your help, Sandip. Thank you, TriBeCa.
Tirtha Sarkar31st December,2020
I sincerely thank Sandip Pal for all the humane support & care to my parents & my mother in law. During this pandemic Sandip has walked every extra mile to help my people in kolkata & given me the confidence of they being in safe hands. Thank you so much Sandip for being there as the pillar of support
Rupa Das18th November,2020
I am very pleased with the service provided by Tribeca. Arup Dey is an excellent care manager who arranged doctor’s visit at home. I truly appreciate Arup’s effort.
Sukanya Mitra5th December,2020
When I heard from Elina that the philosophy behind TriBeCa was to look after parents as if they were her own – for me, this was most comforting. Avishek Barua the care manager is simply fantastic – nothing is a problem and he goes above and beyond. I approached them to look after my aged mother and TriBeCa has been simply fantastic in organising everything such as doctor visits, medicines, internet set up, home care. Elina and Team TriBeCa has been there for us, during our darkest hours. We thank you and wish you all the every best. Elina – you are our rock of Gibraltar – and Avishek – you are a rock star !
Alpha Romeo2nd December,2020
Sandip took great care of my parents during this pandemic situation. My father had to go for a surgery, Sandip provided all the confidence, arranged all logistics, helped thoroughly with all the official work. It was an end to end help. keep it up TriBeCa Care. You guys are serving a noble cause.
Saswata Basu17th December,2020
We are very happy with the care provided to us. We strongly recommend TriBeCa Care.
A Chatt30th November,2020
It has been a wonderful experience with Tribeca since March 2019 when my mother fell ill. I felt the need of supervision for my parents in the absence of both me and my sister. Mr. Supriyo Som has been our care manager since then it has been an extremely fruitful experience. The people in Tribeca have done their duties most diligently. Thank you for the wonderful experience and looking forward to more interactions in the near future.
Chandrima Home30th November,2020
Extremely happy and at mental peace with the support Tribeca is providing to three of my Family members in Kolkata, My Maternal Uncle, My in-law and my Dad. The care Manager Supriyo looks after all three and that’s a big relief from coordination point of view. They are always reachable, quite flexible and prompt in their service. My focal point Ananya at their HO is very cooperative and we are happy with their service.
S Gupta29th November,2020
We have received very good service from Tribeca Care for the past two years. My mother’s care manager, Shinjini Poddar, is extremely efficient, prompt and helpful. She has been available at all times and her level of care is above and beyond anything we expected.
Romita Sen29th November,2020
I really appreciate the Excellent service of TriBeCaCare for my Mother in law and Refer them to my friends .Our Care Manager is Avisekh Barua who is very efficient and gives prompt services whenever we need help.We are impressed and and truly satisfied with everything.
Kaberi Majumdar27th November,2020
I am happy with the service provided by Tribeca care. CM Avishek is very nice and helpful
Chandrabali Dhar27th November,2020
TriBeCa Care provides a wonderful service with caring & professional support all the way. Special shout-out to Supriyo, one of the Care Executives who goes “the extra mile”. Thank you for the little things, thank you for taking time to listen, troubleshoot and prioritize issues – for this we are grateful.
Saptarshi Basu26th November,2020
I have relied on Tribeca Care for more than one and half years now, and am happy with the services they have provided my mom in Kolkata. Supriyo Shom, our care manager, is very responsive and takes his responsibilities seriously. He has taken care of my mom’s health and non-health needs on a timely basis and been of great help to us. I would highly recommend Tribeca to others seeking elder care services in Kolkata.
Arkadipta Ghosh25th November,2020
A huge Thank you to Tribeca Care for their notable services even during these unprecedented times. Our mother lives alone in Kolkata and it is very difficult for her to maintain her everyday activities. We are grateful for the excellent services from our care manager Supriyo Som. He is always there for my mother. His jovial and considerate attitude has put my mother at ease. Most importantly she feels very comfortable and looks forward to his visits every week. Any difficulty that may arise, we are assured that Supriyo is just a phone call away. We thank him from the bottom of our heart for taking care of our mother. We will definitely recommend Tribeca Care to our family and friends.
Sutithi and Pankaj25th November,2020
This is an excellent service for elderly people. Mr. Ayan Sen is our Care Manager. He is very professional and responsible in meeting the requests from my parents. He is very prompt in responding to our calls and also maintains a very positive attitude, essential for serving senior citizens.
Monimalika Day24th November,2020
Thankful to the Tribeca team (Founder Prateep Sen, COO Jayanta Sen and most importantly Care Manager Arpita Guha) for caring for my dad and mom (at two separate locations). Being the only child and physically on the other side of the planet (in San Francisco), I am depending on Tribeca and Care Manager Arpita for everything a son ought to be doing for his parents. Also thankful to the attendants Asha, Rupa and Nurses Rajeshwari and Sonali. When all is said and done I will make sure they are duly rewarded for their help. Not everything is perfect with Tribeca – and as expected there is plenty of room for improvement. Even so, I commend the team for the Service they are providing to the society! Thank you Tribeca.
Kaushik Roy23rd November,2020
This is an excellent service for elderly people. Mr. Ayan Sen is our Care Manager. He is very professional and responsible in meeting the requests from my parents. He is very prompt in responding to our calls and also maintains a very positive attitude, essential for serving senior citizens.
Ratna Day17th November,2020
If you are not living in the city and have aged parents then Tribeca is a good proposition. We have personally seen Tribeca providing the support that is being paid for in multiple cases. That service is very helpful and timely. I would strongly recommend Tribeca. Their care givers also interact very nicely with the elders and strike a rapport very fast.
Ranadev Ray Choudhury16th November,2020
A note of thanks to Tribeca. My mom is an advanced cancer patient and yesterday, with the lockdown in place, we faced an emergency situation. We were at a loss since we are based in Singapore and have been unable to travel to Kolkata for covid. Manash, our care manager, facilitated the entire thing beyond words. Not only was his assurance timely but done with utmost care. He kept assuring me throughout the ordeal that I had nothing to worry about. The nurse was a thorough professional who knew his job and did it efficiently. My mom was satisfied because he provided the much needed intervention. Thanks a lot. So relieved to be a part of the Tribeca family. We thank both Manash and the nurse for their support and kindness all through. We look forward to staying a part of Tribeca and will recommend your service to our family and friends.
Parama Sinha Palit29th August,2020
I am really satisfied with tribecas help..during such tough time….when no one was there for taking care of my grand father…they provided us such a talented, educated and trained brother..who gave us his 100% service..and this institution is really liable..I can assure you..if you are in trouble let them help you..thank you Tribeca..
Sanjana Sarkar29th July,2020
Everyone in Tribeca team is very pleasant to work with. Mr. Subho Das, my parents’ care manager, and his colleagues are always around for my parents. I would recommend Tribeca
Rita Basu Mallick27th June,2020
We have got excellent services at all times for the last 2 years, be it as critical as getting emergency ambulance, hospitalization and discharge to the regular continued services of nurses and attendants at all times. We are grateful for the excellent services from our care manager Shubha Das. He is always there for our mother. We are grateful to Dr. Abhishek Chattopadhyay for his timely and prompt visits and suggestions. Tribeca takes care of all medicinal supplies, any blood tests or other tests.. And it is done from the comfort of the home. The person need not go anywhere. These services are invaluable. In these critical covid-19 times also, Tribeca has continued to give its best services without any lack of quality. I am sure people at the back-end must be doing a lot extra work in this lock-down times and I am grateful for the same. God bless each one of you.
Debashree Das25th June,2020
TriBeCa Care is one of its kind, in this strange situation of Covid-19 where everyone is stranded where ever they are. TriBeCa personals are doing a fabulous job by comforting & providing mental strength to seniors as well as by their presence… the trust & the ever helping attitude selflessly is commendable .. I thank Jyotirmoy from bottom of my heart for taking care of my parents … thanks
Rupa Das22nd June,2020
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