My heartfelt thanks to Arpita Guha and Tribeca for her commitment to my parents’ well being through these tough times. My elderly parents consider her their means of support and her counsel means a lot. Thank you for what you do, Arpita!
Sutapa Mukherjee6 June,2020
Outstanding customer service and passion for providing great service even  when entire Kolkata is standstill due to recent Cyclone and ongoing COVID-19 lock down. I don’t think my mother’s emergency hip replacement surgery was possible without Payel and Gourav from Tribeca. Gourav and Payel you have set a new standard which I don’t think anybody can beat. Kudos and thanks a zillion from me and my family.
Sukanta Maitra23 May,2020
I wanted to write a review here and say how thankful I am for the great service that our care manager, Jyotirmoy Mazumdar has provided. He has gone out of his way to help my elderly mother during this challenging times with the COVID-19 situation in Kolkata. TriBeCa provides good service and peace of mind for those of us who live away from our elderly parents, and Jyotirmoy has been really a great help with everything from getting medicines, running errands, going to the bank, and checking up on my mother regularly (from a safe social distance of course ). Thank you. Like
Srbani Roy21 April,2020
Extremely satisfied with the service provided. Hope this continues similarly.
Dr. Shreela Ghosh
Arpita has been looking after my mother as her Care Representative for the last few months. She does a outstanding work to support my mother ,especially in these times of the COVID19. She organizes grocery , fish etc to be delivered, medicines to be delivered – saving a big headache on my side as to how to do the grocery for mother ( generally I do Big Basket orders for her from US – but e-commerce orders are now closed). Thank you Arpita for everything you do for my mother , many appreciations.
Sudipa Sarkar12 May,2020
I have started using the services of TriBeca Elder Care from July, 2019 and so far it has been quite satisfactory.They have a robust system in place for elder care which allows me to coordinate the hospital visits, doctor visits, testing etc. from afar. In my case, TriBeca allotted Mr. Supriyo Som as a case manager and he has been wonderful to work with. A major part of the job is not only to arrange and transport the patient to the doctor/hospital with empathy and compassion but to understand the insurance, medication, prognosis and communicate that information back to me. They need to really work as an extension of me at the site. This is where Supriyo and TriBeca excelled. Additionally, Supriyo developed a nice trusting relationship with my parents which helped negotiate a lot of difficult decisions. This was not an easy feat. Supriyo also keeps in touch with me for everything and that is a huge mental relief for me. In case any complaints, TriBeca acted swiftly and decisively and adjusted service as required. Although, it has only been 1 month, I have been satisfied with the important service that TriBeca provides. I look forward to a long relationship with TriBeca and wish them the very best.
Subrata Bhattacharya2 Feb,2020
Would like to compliment Jyotirmoy and his team for maintaining a very good level of service and support throughout the lockdown. This has been and continues to be a period of significant anxiety for us, and having Tribeca looking after the situation in Kolkata has certainly been a source of comfort. Do hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy, and will look forward to the continued support from the Tribeca team.
Sandip Sen20 April,2020
It is a blessing that we have Tribeca in Kolkata amidst the COVID-19 phase the world is going through.One finds solace in the fact that though one cannot be with their elderly family members even if they want to,due to travel restrictions,there is Tribeca. Mr.Sremanta Palit,my father’s Care Manager calls him daily to find out his well being and is there to run errands,should the situation arise.I am happy that I am a member.Keep up the good work !! 3
Arindam Mukherjee12 March,2020
Both me and my wife are quite happy with our Care Manager  Gourav Mitra. He keeps in touch regularly and visits us in person at least once a month. During the lock down period he delivered our regular medicines. Earlier he organised my physiotherapy treatment when I needed it. I also appreciate the services rendered by Sri Arnab Mandal, the physiotherapist. Thank you Gourav and Tribeca Care team.
Prabir Mukherjee27 Jan,2020
I thank the team of TrBeCa for the help they provided at the hour of need. I salute their mission.The brother who was nursing my father, is an extremely dedicated caregiver; very helpful in times of need. Their services are of much needed help to people like us, who stay away from their ageing parents.
Mrs. Chatterjee23 Jan,2019
I have found their services to be extremely prompt and very courteous. They seem to be following the saying “Service before Self”
Ashis Tosniwal24 Feb,2019
It has been a wonderful experience with TriBeCa since March 2019. Mr. Supriyo Som has been our care manager it has been an extremely fruitful experience. The people in TrBeCa have done their duties most diligently. Thank you for the wonderful experience and looking forward to more interactions in the near future.
Chndrima19 Oct,2019
Excellent and prompt service. Well behaved and co operative staffs.
Indrajit Sengupta30 Oct,2019
Loved their service and their kind behavior. Really helped us in our need.
Madhu Dey15 November
TriBeCa Care has been a relief to the much anxious children who happen to be away from their dear one, and the moments when our parents are in need they have extended a remarkable service. Hope they carry forward this excellent service standard at all times. Wishing you all happy serving the elderly parents in need. Much thanks to Jayanta da, Arghadeep and Saikat for being there in need and a constant support.
Shormila Banerjee13 Dec,2019
A industry standard service provided to the vulnerable elderly people living in our community with an aim to keep them mobile, functionally independent and empowered.
Debasis Chatterjee19 April,2019
Tribeca elder care services are most satisfactory. They are conscientious, caring and very prompt to respond. Highly recommended!
Haimanti Mitra12 July,2019
Firstly I thank Mr Arijit Sarkar of TriBeCa Care for his excellent service & support. He is always ready to help me whenever I need.l hope that the members are and will be with the patients just like I experienced. Hope for the best of the organization.
Miithu Chakraborty8 July,2019
Extremely happy and at mental peace with the support Tribeca is providing to three of my Family members in Kolkata – my maternal uncle, my in-laws and my Dad. The care Manager Supriyo looks after all three and that’s a big relief from coordination point of view. They are always reachable, quite flexible and prompt in their service. My focal point Ananya at their HO is very cooperative and we are happy with their service.
S. Gupta16 Jan,2019
I availed TriBeCa service to buy a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea problem. I also availed the home sleep study from them. They are very professional company with prompt quality service. Strongly recommended.
Aniruddha Raychoudhuri2019
My relative is availing the service of Tribeca for last two months. Tribeca is providing sincere and skilled nursing assistant on a regular basis uninterruptedly. They have also provided all types of medical instruments like walker etc. as and when asked for. Thanks to Animesh Chatterjee for introducing us with Tribeca and for attending our requirements at any point of time. Thanks Tribeca.
Sanjoy Batabyal2019
We are availing services of Tribeca four parents, who live at Salt Lake, for last two years. Such a pleasant experience, and special thanks to Jyotirmoy for always being so prompt and helpful. We know that our parents are at good hands, while we are away.
Dipankar Ghosh23 July, 2019
I have been using Tribeca’s services for last year and am very satisfied. Manas from Tribeca takes care of a lot of duties for my elderly parent over and above the regularly scheduled home visits, including hospital/doctor consultations and is an emotional support for me and my parent. Like
Rahul Choudhury17 August, 2019
Excellent service. Takes great care of my mother. The weekly visits are much appreciated. Highly recommend to anyone looking for elderly parent care.
Roopa Biswas14 Sept,2019
I am very satisfied with TriBeCa’s homecare service. My mother is 62yr COPD patient and using AUTO C PAP Machine. .She is improving day by day. Thanks to TriBeCa care. I have been availing services from TriBeCa for my mother for the past two years & my experience has been good as they have been very professional in rendering services.Special thanks to Animesh Chatterjee who has very promptly helped in different situations.
Misti Dutta12 Feb, 2019
We are extremely satisfied with Tribeca’s service. Our care manager, Mr. Debojyoti Pradhan is amazing at his service with prompt response at odd hours and he always goes above & beyond the call of duty. Truly outstanding service. Many Thanks !
Sushanto Mazumder19 March,2019
My 82 year old mother was looked after by Tribeca. They ably handled her emergency hospitalisation. Manas Gachui, was helpful in times of need. Surajit Dutta, her physiotherapist was very good and brought her back on her feet. Thanks to team Tribeca.
Sagarika Golder12 June,2019
TriBeCa Care is highly recommendable for elderly care. Their post sales management is excellent.They are highly dependable and prompt in their service.Charges are pretty reasonable Mr Animesh Chatterjee in particular is very helpful .Thank You TriBeCa Care. Hope you continue with your good work.My best wishes for the entire team.
Rajlakshmi Das17 June.2019
True professionals extending best of there support & services to there customers .Long way to go & keep up the good work . Much appreciated
Sourav ChakrabortyMarch 15
Excellent service specially I name one of their representative Arijit. First choice for doing sleep study and CPAP machines
Dr Kaushik SahaSep 27, 2018
We are very pleased with service provided by Sumonto the physiotherapist. He is a great caregiver because he not only provided the physiotherapy service, but kept the patient and her family involved in the healing process. Thank you Sumonto for your good work.
Radhika GuptaSep 15, 2018
Strongly recommend this to all my friends and family. Our care manager , Mr Mimo Mukherjee is extremely supportive and caring to our every need. Cheers and keep up the excellent work.
Senjuti BishiSep 28, 2018
I have been utilising Tribeca’s service for about four years for my elderly parents and now my mum. The continuity speaks of our level of satisfaction. We are happy and definitely recommend to use them . Sangeeta has been really good and caring link between us and my parent/s with a smile. The senior management is approachable too. Of course we all thrive for continuous improvement and that applies to client and service provider.
Sumita DuttaSep 23, 2018
I have been a member of TriBeCa care group since July 2016 when my parents were extremely ill. I had to leave them and come back to my work place Bahrain. That was the time when I came to know about TriBeCa. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the services provided by them. A special mention to my care manager Miss Payel Chakraborty who has been an all time support to my elderly parents. Her immediate services, humble, honest and sincere approach to her job is highly appreciated. Her mare presence make my parents feel energetic and happy. I am also happy and satisfied with the manpower services provided by TriBeCa thru which I could get an extremely good and reliable 24 hours attendant Hopefully TriBeCa will continue to sustain and provide such services in future.
Rupa Sen, BahrainJun 15, 2017
We have been very happy with the services provided by TriBeca Care. Our Care manager, Paromita, has been very helpful, professional and efficient in her role as giving advice, taking care of an emergency situation and being on top of things when she needed to coordinate doctor’s visits or getting test reports or making appointments etc. My mother-in-law draws a lot of comfort in Paromita’s weekly visits and looks forward to chatting with her.
Joyeeta DasJun 11, 2017
I’m thankful for the elder care and emergency services that Tribecacare provides. We’ve been happy with Tribecacare this past year. Our care manager, Rajershi, has been just amazing. I could not ask for a better care manager. He is incredibly helpful, very responsive and always receptive to feedback. He is also very patient and compassionate which is important when you’re dealing with the elderly . I also love the way he facilitates conversations with Mom and the 24-hour-person when a problem arises. I worry constantly about my Mom since she lives alone after my Dad passed away. Fortunately, with Tribecacare, I’m thankful that Mom has a great care manager and a reliable 24-hour-person. Being able to reach Rajershi anytime via whatsapp and cell to discuss problematic issues, check in periodically or in the case of an emergency gives me peace of mind. As for the 24-hour women that Mom has had, the one before the last one we had was great. She was young, healthy, hygienic, compassionate, energetic, organized, efficient, smart and most importantly responsive. She was also always available via whatsapp which again provided me peace of mind. In the case of an emergency, it’s key that the 24-hour person be able to react quickly and get in touch with Rajershi. Overall, Tribecacare has been working out well for us. We also like the flexibility of being able to make online payments.
Nita MukherjeeApr 29, 2017
It was among the most difficult senior care situation that my brother and I, both settled abroad were faced with. My mother who was completely bedridden after a brief illness and hospitalization, was under home attendant care. My father, 84 years old was active and was managing with sheer will power. Then out of the blue my worst nightmare happened and he was suddenly taken ill and hospitalized. I had already visited for my mother earlier in the year. We did not have this planned and did not have a solution. All of this faced with the demonetizing drive in India made matters worse. This is when a relative suggested contacting TriBeCa Care. Mr. Sanyal, the TriBeCa Sales Manager, a thorough gentleman visited our home to assess our situation. He assured he would assign one of TriBeCa’s best, Ms. Payel Chakraborty as the Coordinator for our parent’s care. During the discussions, it never felt like a sales call, but, as a family friend doing whatever necessary to help us with a solution. I was skeptical at first with stories of frustration, with similar home hospice care institutions in India. It proved to be unfounded, as Payel without any adieu, jumped straight into it as if she knew our situation for a long time. During this time our father passed away. Payel proved to be very resourceful and could provide us with necessary contacts and relevant information during his last days. She visited him on a regular basis and was very efficient to be able to extract information from the elusive Doctors at the hospital surrounded by overwhelming throngs of patients. She demonstrated that she had working knowledge of several medicines that older patients are prescribed. I am not sure if either of us brothers, have any of that skill left after residing abroad for so long. Soon after our return to the USA, our mother was taken ill and hospitalized again. This time it was so much different. We now had someone who we could trust, on site. Payel handled the situation superbly, from hospitalization, insurance and to eventual dispatch on her recovery. She also managed transporting our mother, using ambulance for her neurologist visits which is an extremely difficult thing to do with an immobile patient bedridden on the 2nd floor of a narrow stairway. As of today, she continues to manage not only the medical needs of our mother but also to mitigate any grievances that her attendants raise, like a deft diplomat. She is also keeping track of cash expenses which she replenishes from our funds with TriBeCa. At the end of each month we receive a detailed and comprehensive invoice from the accounts department to keep us informed of all monetary activity. TriBeCa Care is not just a service that one can purchase, but over and above it provides a service to humanity by providing home hospice care to the elderly with relatives residing far away. We are in debt to TriBeCa for that. My only remorse is only that if we could hire TriBeCa much sooner.
Subhasis Sarkar, Leesburg, Virginia, USAMar 06, 2017
It was destiny that we found you TriBeCa. Just at the time when I was worrying sick about how to handle my life in Goa and my dad’s as well in Kolkata, we found you. For the last year and half you won’t imagine how relieved I had felt because help was at hand when my father needed it. Thanks for being a part of our lives and making it easy. I’ll miss the phone calls from Jyotirmoy saying “didi Jyotirmoy bolchhi”. Wonderful job done Jyotirmoy and all of you at TriBeCa. May you make your presence felt all over India.
Nirabh GoshwamiSeptember 12, 2017
I want to give you a big “Thank You” for the service that you provided to me thru Tribecacare .I am delighted by the CPAP apparatus that is life saving for me. I was thrilled when you promptly responded to my requirement and lent your trial CPAP apparatus for 3 days .Customer always wants that kind of prompt service from a company . Moreover when I demanded that you have to come to my house for the final purchase of the equipment and a proper demo you didn’t deny . All this shows the sincerity from you and your company . I want to thank you very much .
Sanjib DasJun 17, 2017
I wish you and your team a happy new year. I will take this opportunity to thank you. Special THANKS to Rajesh for his extraordinary and personalised service. It was not easy for him. But he did that with a smile. He quickly responded to all our request even at night. I copied him on this email to acknowledge this effort. I wish him success and success to your team and company.
Dr Amitabha BasuApril 16, 2017
Thanks for all support I received from TribeCaCare Team. Santosh da, was no less than a family member and was big support in absence of mine. Our attendant Basanti Mashi was also one of the courteous and helpful person , I have ever met.
Sarbani GhoraiApril 05, 2017
My family is attached with TriBeCa Care for last one and half year approx. TRIBECA CARE, the word “CARE” in your company title is really being justified. Being a member of TriBeCa Care family we always received warmth and closeness of our care manager Debashish, he not only visited our home regularly but we got his support for my parents at any type of need.He also provided us the information and proper guidance. We would like to convey our best wishes to your organization’s growth and prosperity in future and also looking forward your continuous support and care towards the people who really needs.
Debjani Hazra ChoudhuryMar 11, 2017
We have been members of TriBeCa for more than a year now, and Mr Debasish Sanyal is the designated care manager for my mother. I have been extremely impressed by the sincerity with which Mr Sanyal performs his duties. He is a credit to the organisation
Dr Ranjan RayChoudhuryFebruary 18, 2017
Thank you TriBeCa Care for being there when we could not, for being our eyes and ears when ours were too far to see or hear and above all for being the walking stick for someone who needed it badly. Thank you for everything.
Sutapa Roy RamananJun 23, 2017
TriBeCa Care has been a Godsend for me. Jyotirmay is very kind and compassionate and takes very good care of my Mother. Being the only child living so far away I don’t know what I would do if I did not have Jyotirmay to rely on. Heartfelt thanks for everything you do. It is hard to hard to find the words to describe the gratitude I feel.
Sushmita BasuSeptember 12, 2017
My mom is very well looked after by TC..her care manager Jyotirmoy is extremely helpful and a kind soul…at that age they need a friend who can help and that’s exactly what our friend Jyotirmoy does….i highly recommend TC and thanks to our dear friend Jyotirmoy who is just another family member…keep up the good job! I feel safe to keep my mom under their wings…
Geeti Gupta, KolkataJuly 18, 2017
When my father returned home after spending over a week in hospital, he needed help. Being away, I decided to engage TriBeCa Care. TriBeCa Care promptly assigned a Care Manager, Mr. Debashish Sanyal, to manage and coordinate my father’s medical and non-medical needs. Ever since Mr. Sanyal has been handling the job professionally and with compassion. He is always available over phone when needed. He has also been keeping me updated through email and over phone on my father’s latest state. TriBeCa has also been sharing with me my father’s medical test reports and billing information in a prompt and efficient manner. Both my father and I are happy with TriBeCa’s service. Thank you TriBeCa!
Shibaji BasuFebruary 10, 2017
Excellent service.. my family has used your service .. bless you all!
Anita RoyAugust 15, 2017
Kudos to Rupanwita !!! (apologies if I am spelling the name incorrectly) She adeptly organized a multi- discipline test at home, in Kolkata She discussed with the providers, ensured that all my questions were answered and most importantly that she herself was fully comfortable that the test will not be painful or there will not be any risk when performed at home. She reminded the provider that they were to deal with an elderly patient and must act/adapt accordingly. She provided me with a schedule and perhaps the most brilliant touch was setting up a WhatsApp group and including our designated care-manager and my wife to ensure all were informed, on the same page and everything was well co-ordinated. She even took the initiative to keep us updated on the progress on the day of. All went well without a hitch. Thank you Rupanwita !!!
Amitava BasuAugust 20, 2017
I have recently signed up with TriBeCa Care for my father, mainly to provide him support during and after his knee surgery. The Care Manager, Mr Debasish Sanyal, who was appointed for my father has since provided an absolutely impeccable quality of support and care. He always made himself available whenever my father needed him, be it for a sudden hospitalization need in the middle of the night or spending almost 10-12 hours on another day to help with his hospital check up. It has been a very pleasant and comforting experience for us so far with TriBeCa. I sincerely wish the greatest success for this nascent company to fill in the gap in geriatric care in Kolkata and eventually other parts of India.
Jayanta Bose, California
TriBeCa Care has been taking care of my elderly parents almost since the inception of the organization. I have been very impressed by the professional and caring support we receive from the TriBeCa team. Recently I also got my in-laws under TriBeCa plan. I have nothing but kudos for the people who work there. The dedication and care from people like Jyotirmoy and Sangeeta, is greatly appreciated by my family members. In fact these TriBeCa employees have become an extended part of my family. In spite of being thousands of miles away, I have a peace of mind only because of organization like TriBeCa and their A+ team. Thank you for the great job you do every day. May God bless you.
Sarmila Basu, Seattle WA. USAFebruary 7, 2018
I’m truly satisfied with the physiotherapy doing by Dr. Sumanta Ganguly, he is well behaved, helpful in doing all activities… Thanks to TriBeCa…
Dona BoseJanuary 15, 2018
I am very happy with Physiotherapy treatment done by Dr.Sumanta Ganguly. His behaviour is very humble & also method of treatment is very useful…Thanks to TriBeCa…
Parna Datta ChaudhuriJanuary 13, 2018
I am very happy with the physiotherapy treatment and progress…Dr.Sumanta Ganguly is very friendly and co-operative…..Thanks to TriBeCa care….
Harendra kumar RoyJanuary 12, 2018
We have been a TriBeCa care customer since 2014. Jyotirmoy has been the care manager for my parents since the begning. The TriBeCa care team lead by Jyotirmoy has been supporting my parents for checkups, doctor visits and medical tests. Jyotirmoy would visit them regularly whether there were doctor’s appointments or not and provide timely reports to myself and my sister. My sister and I got a lot of comfort from these regular and timely reports. The team also provide ongoing support for more complex cases, which was very useful when my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Jyotirmoy and Manas attended the chemo sessions with my father and various other treatment. Jyotimoy is continuing to look after my mother. Thank you Jyotirmoy, Manas and the TriBeCa Care team for all of your support. Soumya & Soma
S KantiJanuary 10, 2018
TriBeCa has been an absolute life saver. My Father who is highly diabetic had a hypoglycaemic attack, late one night and our care manager Swaraj was there within 10 minutes and efficiently handled the hospitalisation. We would have lost him if he was not prompt. Swaraj is one of the kindest and hard working people I know. He is always available for a chat on whatsapp and responds to all enquiries. I would highly recommend TriBeCa to anyone looking for elderly care.
Arundhati LahiriJanuary 10, 2018
I had a great experience regarding their services and consultations. They completely guided me through the path that led to the betterment of my grandmother. I am thankful to them for support and guidance and I will advice others to also get in touch with them and experience the best.
Ronit ChakrabortyDecember 31, 2017
Have been taking man power service for my aunt Jayati Mitra. Service is good and the Sales executive always keep in touch for further requirement of service if any
Sandip GhoshJanuary 10, 2018
I stay in London,When my aunt Nandita Sen was serious Tribecca helped me a lot in installations of devices at home ,they turned a small living room in icu .I personally thank Mr. AMIT Chakraborty for his continuous support.
Sanjay Guha, LondonJanuary 01, 2018
It gives me great pleasure to write this review in favour of TriBeCa care. My parents had to live in Kolkata all by themselves for an extended period of time for my father’s treatment. My father was very sick and required frequent medical support including hospitalization. This organization has been very helpful in taking care of them. Their management of medical emergencies is worth praising. The care manager Ms Payel C. is an extraordinary person who is not only extremely efficient, but is very sensitive and caring towards elderly people. She took care of all the doctor appointments, diagnostic tests and hospitalizations. She is an excellent patient advocate and consulted the doctors and the specialists on behalf of my parents. On one occasion she noticed a major discrepancy in a test report that was unfortunately over looked by the doctor. She helped my parents in every possible way during those difficult time. I sincerely thank her for her service and wish her good luck. I hope TriBeCa care continue with their good work. I strongly recommend their service to my friends and family.
Manjistha SenguptaNovember 22, 2017
It has been a very Pleasant experience to be associated with TriBeCa care especially the services provided by their elder care managers Jyotirmoy and Manas. They are helpful regular and for old lonely people like me with expired wife and son abroad , are a source of joy and great help in many matters not exclusive to healthcàre. They are redefining elderly càre in a new perspective and I wish them all the success.
Ranjit BanerjeeDecember 23, 2018
You can rate service or a service provider many different ways, you can say its been good, it meets your expectation or its not been so great. But once or twice you come across a group of individuals who as a team are doing something which is utterly inspirational, and that’s how my experience has been with Tribecacare. To be able to rely upon a team of professionals for your loved ones, when they are at their most vulnerable and you are thousands of miles away; it’s special. What makes Tribecacare special is undoubtedly its team of people; people who are professionals, who clearly know what they are doing in terms of hospital appointments, doctor’s appointments, helping with paying utilities or just keeping company and saying hello from time to time. But much more than that, its their generosity of spirit, kindness and reliability come day or night that makes Tribecacare a beacon, an example for other elder care providers to seek to emulate.
Nirmalya BhattacharyyaNovember 27, 2017
For someone suffering from depression for over for forever now. This is a place that made me believe that I can be happy again. It made me understand that running away or killing myself is not really an option. Life is so much more than this. And that depression is just like any other disease which can be cured with proper help and a little bit of patience and time. I couldn’t be more thankful to place and specially the two wonder souls would made it all worth it. Thank you Aparajita ma’am and Bishaka ma’am for everything.
Ronita SurNovember 15, 2017
Swaraj from TriBeCa took excellent care of my ailing father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His visits were a welcome change for my father who really enjoyed his company. Swaraj was prompt in communication, sent pictures and overall was very professional and courteous. I would recommend TriBeCa as the next generation of service company in India.
Prasenjit SarkarDecember 20, 2017
Near about an year I am taking services from TriBeCa. My parents are in Kolkata and both of them are 80years+. My father is suffering from a Parkinson derivative and requires frequent medical attention plus personal help. My mother is also having quite a few health issues and needs assistance frequently. Due to my job nature I am not able to support them very often other than major medical emergencies. It is truly appreciable the way TriBeCa team provided their support. Care Manager Jyotirmoy Das and Manas has no doubt worthy knowledge, experience and perseverance. Me and my sister were sceptical initially, but now we are absolutely dependant on their service.Not only Manas and Jyotirmoy are caring and sensitive, their efficiency are real worth praising.I sincerely thank them for their excellent work. I hope and sure that TriBeCa Care will continue their good work. I strongly recommend and already recommended their services to my friends, colleagues and family.
Arijit SenDecember 21, 2017
I’m thankful for the elder care and emergency services that Tribecacare provides. We’ve been happy with Tribecacare this past year. Our care manager, Rajershi, has been just amazing. I could not ask for a better care manager. He is incredibly helpful, very responsive and always receptive to feedback. He is also very patient and compassionate which is important when you’re dealing with the elderly . I also love the way he facilitates conversations with Mom and the 24-hour-person when a problem arises. I worry constantly about my Mom since she lives alone after my Dad passed away. Fortunately, with Tribecacare, I’m thankful that Mom has a great care manager and a reliable 24-hour-person. Being able to reach Rajershi anytime via whatsapp and cell to discuss problematic issues, check in periodically or in the case of an emergency gives me peace of mind. As for the 24-hour women that Mom has had, the one before the last one we had was great. She was young, healthy, hygienic, compassionate, energetic, organized, efficient, smart and most importantly responsive. She was also always available via whatsapp which again provided me peace of mind. In the case of an emergency, it’s key that the 24-hour person be able to react quickly and get in touch with Rajershi. Overall, Tribecacare has been working out well for us. We also like the flexibility of being able to make online payments.
Nita MukherjeeApr 29, 2017
Your friends at TriBeCa Care did a wonderful job in helping out our very dear friend Gautami’s family when her mother expired in Kolkata few weeks ago. I passed on this contact to Gautami which I got from Ranabir. Gautami’s family in Kolkata took service from TriBeCa Care only couple of days before her mother expired. They stepped in and took care of everything in a very professional way. Gautami went from New Jersey to attend her mother’s funeral service. I want to thank both of you for passing on the contact of TriBeCa Care to me.
Subir Purkayastha, writing for Gautami Das
Though I lost my mother last week, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Rajesh of TriBeCa care for taking care of my mother of what has now become the final months of her life. In a short period Rajesh had become a source of tremendous mental support to my mother and during that period, she expressed many times to me that Rajesh really cares for her and she feels very nice having him around and knows that he will help her in times of need. Rajesh came off as a caring person full of empathy for the elderly, so important for managing a situation such as this. Many thanks once again and God Bless Rajesh and the rest of the team at TriBeCa.
Rohit Arora, Jotno package member
We are charter members of TribecaCare and for us it has meant security and peace of mind. Professional, caring and competent, our Home Care liason Mr Debasish Sanyal has been wonderful to deal with. Living thousands of miles away, we know that we can rely on TribecaCare and Mr Sanyal to take care of our aging parents in the best way possible. Thank you, TribecaCare!
Sankar Sen, Pennsylvania
I want to thank TriBeCa Care for the care they have taken of my parents at Kolkata. What stands out is the genuine compassion that every member of this outstanding firm has shown. You know how to deal with elderly people, balancing the guidance and support they need with the dignity they deserve. We wish you all success in your venture!
Ashish Chatterjee
This is an exceptional company. The service they provide has a lot of heart. Some background on why, I think they are exceptional. Only son. Live abroad. Mom and dad are 78 and 80. Parents healthy, but fragile. Ability to run errands, difficult. I visit 3-4 times per year but cannot take care of everything. In April’15, a Apollo hospital doctor suggested this outfit. Thought it was a brilliant idea. Made an appointment and they visited us the very next day. They described in detail all the services they provide and I was sold. This is exactly what my parents needed, someone to fill in, for their son. Not the ultimate substitute, but the best under the current circumstances. They assigned a care officer to my parents. The care officer, the very next day, visited and got a feel for my parent’s needs. They took copious notes on; doctors, medicine, hospitals, errands to be run…..And that was the beginning. Was skeptical on how good the service would be(skeptical about most services in India). But I have to say they have amazed me and my parents. Rajesh Satapathi, my parent’s care officer, is a caring, gentle, smart and aware human being. He has truly found his calling, working for TriBeCa. He is now part of our family. He visits my parents regularly, and the tasks he takes on are wide ranging, from making doctor’s appointments, hiring a taxi to take my parents to the hospital, finding the best doctor, helping them do their bills, running errands to bank, finding a ayah on short notice…The list is endless. And not only that, he always makes it a point to Whatsapp me or call me, even if there is no emergency. Just keeping me abreast on the situation in Kolkata. So, all of you prospective clients. Rest assured this is a caring and nurturing company. If your needs look anywhere close to mine, do not hesitate, they will take a load of your mind. If anyone has more questions about them, drop me a line and I will be glad to help. And TriBeCa, keep up the good work. May your company flourish and provide quality service all over India.
Sujoy D. Guha, Jotno customerApr 29, 2017
TriBeCa has been of immense help to us in emergencies ever since we have enlisted into its membership
Nandini Saha
TribeCa Care is bringing quality care for elders at their homes in Kolkata. In these modern times, this service has a critical need for today’s families where sometimes elders are living alone away from their children due to work or other reasons. Me and my two sisters are also away from Kolkata where our professions have taken us. Our father lived alone in our Salt Lake flat after our mother passed away few years back. About one and a half years back, he started feeling very lonely and depressed and had a reduced interest in his daily activities. We were very worried and started looking for an elder care service in Kolkata. I am very glad that we chose TribeCa Care for my father. As he started talking with the care manager regularly and had very caring ayahs at home, his mood started improving slowly, he would go for walks with the ayahs and do the activities that his health would permit. TribeCa Care cared for my father for one and a half years accompanying him to doctor visits, labs, walks, shaving trips and whatever else he desired. My father passed away recently but we know that he lived with dignity in the last stages of his life. Providing elder care customised to a family’s specific need is not an easy business. This is because every family is unique and has specific restrictions, challenges and problems. However, TribeCa Care is striving really hard to provide this while also providing a reliable care service to our parents. I wish them all the best.
Sanghamitra Roy, Jotno customerMar 06, 2017
I take this opportunity to share our feedback regarding the services of Care Manager Mr. Rajesh Satpathi. Our journey with TriBeCa started in October 2015 when we registered with the 24 Ghonta Emergency package for my then ailing father Sri M K Das. Mr. Rajesh was recommended by one of our friends in Delhi who is also availing the services for her mother. We had absolutely no idea about the organisation and naturally Mr. Rajesh was completely alien to us. Thereafter, with the inception of the package, the routine calls of the care manager started coming to my parents. This was followed by a visit of Mr. Rajesh to our house in Kolkata. In the very first interaction my parents found him a very pleasing personality. Learning about my father’s fondness for pickles, he even remembered to bring some home made pickle prepared by his mom. Not to mention, this little gesture of his impressed me here in Delhi, sitting miles away from my ailing father. However, I still kept my fingers crossed in apprehension, knowing fully well that the worst was about to come in near future as my father was terminally ill, he was suffering from cancer. The real test began in early January 2016 when my father had to be hospitalised in a Santoshpur hospital. At the dead of night I called Mr. Rajesh from Delhi to go and accompany my mother in the hospital when my father was being shifted to the ICU in a critical state. Needless to say, he was there in the hospital within half an hour. Thereafter, Mr Rajesh helped out my mother throughout the entire hospitalisation , completing the discharge formalities and bringing back my father home, even going that extra mile to offer my mother to prepare a meal for them that afternoon. My father had his final hospitalisation on 22nd January 2016 at AMRI Mukundopur. This time too Mr. Rajesh managed the entire admission process under my telephonic instructions from Delhi which also included co-ordinating the cashless formalities. After a tumultuous stay for a week, my father passed away in the hospital on 30th January 2016.This time I was present on the spot and got to see Mr Rajesh’s activities closely. In spite of the presence of my relatives and friends, Mr. Rajesh stayed on with us throughout the day till I completed the last rites of my father that day. All of us in our family are in extreme appreciation of the dedicated services of Mr. Rajesh. Mr Rajesh is an exemplary Care Manager who lends a lot of personal touch to his clients who are mostly elderly and are in real need of sympathy and kindness. We look forward to such dedicated services by such sincere people so that in future we can also recommend your organisation to others. Thanks, once again.
Dr. Manjari BhowalJun 15, 2017
I would wish to convey my sincere thanks to TriBeCa staff for their prompt and efficient service. I was really surprised at the response time. My request for the Oxygen Concentrator was before 10:00 AM this Saturday; but the call was picked up without any delay and I was intimated of the rates. And then someone got in touch with me within the next 15 minutes. And I got the machine delivered by 1:10 PM. Thank you very much.
Arijit Misra
You did great job, as my concentrator stopped working I called you in the morning I got the next one within your given time. I am really happy with your service.
Sukhwinder Kaur
This is to place our appreciation for the professionalism and courtesy extended by your team of Priyanka Bhaduri and Swaraj Banerji to enrol my mother Mrs Ira Chatterjee and my uncle Mr. Pratip K Chatterjee for TriBeCa Care during August, 2016.
Partha Chatterjee
Thanks for following up on the nursing care that you are arranging for my dad at 9A Pranabananda Road, Garia, Kolkata-700084. Rita and Lakshmi are providing us satisfactory service. There has not been any absences in recent times. When one of them is unable to come for a day, they arrange between themselves such that one does two shifts in tandem, and the other person comes in and fills up the next two shifts. This also is rare. Overall there has not been any major problem. Milan, who collects the charges from mother, also enquires about services, and in case of any issues, my mother, Dolly Bose contacts him and gets fast response. Thanks also for sharing details of reliable 24×7 maid service through TribecaCare. I will let you know (or my mother will) on what we decide on this. Also, I have spoken to Milan on how I can pay online the charges that are billed for the nursing care to Manick Krishna Bose. It wont be on a regular basis, but for the times that my mother has not been able to gather the cash at home. She generally relies on someone (my sister) to come home to go to bank, etc.
Dipanjan Basu
To whom it may concern, I would like to commend TriBeCa for their extremely efficient service. Our night nurse failed to show up for personal reasons, and even though we were assured that someone else would be sent in her place the following day( today being Sunday) a new nurse was arranged within hours. We really appreciate it, as the patient in question is in critical care, and cannot be left alone even for short periods.
Priyanjali Ray
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