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Bringing Healthcare Home to patients

Tribeca Care’s Clinic at Home is a hugely popular service for elderly or vulnerable patients who find it difficult or inconvenient to attend consultations at a doctor’s chamber.


Our Med+ Package is a home-based doctor-led medical service for frail, older patients who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease or hypertension. Tribeca Care’s specialist rehabilitation service for stroke or cancer is ideal for more acute patients. Trained psychologists and geriatric care attendants are also available for managing early-stage dementia at home.


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Family Doctors. Nurses. Physiotherapists. Lab Tests

As the largest Home Care company in Kolkata, Tribeca Care launched its now hugely popular Clinic at Home offering during the Covid-19 crisis. We provide long-term, comprehensive health monitoring by an experienced medical team in the comfort of your own home. The elderly patient develops a close relationship with the Clinic at Home team, so she never feels alone or afraid when taking care of herself or a loved one.


Tribeca Care’s experienced family doctors, trained nurses, speech therapists and physiotherapists provide home care for all chronic and acute conditions like diabetes, dementia, cancer, or stroke.

Family Doctor at Home: Each of our doctors are responsible and dedicated professionals who are ably supported by an experienced nursing and admin team. These general physicians monitor the long-term health of elderly patients at home – and coordinate care with Tribeca Care Managers.


Physiotherapy at Home: TriBeCa Care physiotherapists help with pain management and mobility issues for senior citizens. We offer post-operative, cardiac and neurorehabilitation care for patients.


Mini ICU Setup at Home: Our critical care team uses authentic medical equipment and trained ICU nurses to provide acute care at home.


Sleep Apnoea & Respiratory Care at Home: Sleep apnoea is a serious clinical condition that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep cycles. Tribeca Care, along with ResMed, the leaders in sleep therapy & respiratory care provides Home Sleep Tests, Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP/ BiPAP machines for sale or rent.


Wound Care at Home: Tribeca Care, in association with 3M and KCI, provides Wound Care for acute and traumatic wounds, chronic wounds, surgical wounds or infections, pressure ulcers and injuries.


Podiatry Care at Home: Tribeca Care, in association with Curafoot, provides foot & ankle care for lower limb problems including diabetic ulcers, flat foot, plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, heel pain and sports injuries.


Dementia Care at Home: Tribeca works closely with families to provide psychological assessments as well as trained dementia attendants for early-stage dementia patients who need support at home


Risk Assessments at Home: Our Senior Care Advisors do FREE Risk Assessments to make your home safe for fall risks and security risks.


Lab Tests at Home: All common lab tests can be arranged by Tribeca Care and our medical team is available to prescribe medication, medical equipment, exercises, or diet based on these results.


Medical Equipment at Home: The Tribeca Care Store carries a deep and diverse inventory of genuine medical equipment needed at home – oxygen concentrator, CPAP & Bi-Pap machines, wheelchair, hospital beds, physiotherapy aides, walking sticks, walkers, oximeters and more.

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Medical Package for the elderly at home

The Med+ Package is a medical plan specifically designed for monitoring elderly patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or depression at home. It includes monthly doctor visits, supervisory nursing oversight and any lab tests required. Tribeca Care can also immediately organise durable medical equipments – hospital bed, oxygen concentrator, Bi-Pap machines, oximeter, or wheelchair – recommended by the medical team.

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