Open Dementia Forum and Coping Skills

TriBeCa Care is glad to announce the first open forum and workshop on dementia, as well as coping skills required for primary caregivers of people suffering from dementia. From early symptoms to self help tips, get all the information you need to take care of your loved ones with dementia. Anyone who has a loved one with dementia or wants to learn more about dementia care can attend the workshop.

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Registration fees: Rs. 300/-

Our Guest Speakers:

TriBeCa Care has arranged for experienced people to guide you with the symptoms and care of dementia patients.

Oftentimes, it is easy to mistake dementia from general forgetfulness, and the primary carers fail to recognize the early symptoms. As a result, dementia patients tend to get diagnosed at a more advanced stage. Since the ailment progresses fast and is not curable, it becomes difficult for the primary carers to deal with it at an advanced level.

This workshop aims to help in understanding, addressing and managing loved ones with dementia while maintaining activiities of daily living.

Speaker 1

Shreya Das – Psychology Counsellor

Ms. Das has seven years of experience as a practicing psychologist. She addresses and provides counseling in varied areas, including the identification of the early symptoms of dementia and in arresting the progress of dementia, using multiple techniques and continued therapy. She is also experienced in the handling of geriatric patients and can help in better understanding of coping mechanisms required by a caregiver who is dealing with a loved one with dementia.
Ms. Das holds a Post Graduate Diploma degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from Calcutta University and is passionate about her work.

Speaker 2

Madhumita Mookerjee (Experienced Dementia Care Giver)

Ms. Mookerjee has been a caregiver of her parents and her mother in law for over two decades and brings firsthand experience in taking care of elderly loved ones who have suffered from dementia. She has learnt the skills of being a caregiver through experience and has further polished her skills and knowledge with the help and guidance of her brother, Dr. Apurba K. Chatterjee who holds various degrees including MBBS, DTM&H, FRCP (UK) and is currently a practicing Geriatrician in UK. The constant guidance from her brother has helped her to grow as a carer and understand dementia and geriatrics on a personal level.
It is from that experience that she speaks about dementia and geriatrics, and comes up with self help tips and activities that can help a caregiver provide the best possible care at home to those struggling with the management of dementia care at home.

Things you will learn to benefit from the workshop

  1. Understanding the basics of dementia
  2. Learning about the symptoms of the early onset of dementia
  3. Possible treatment and therapy available for dementia patients
  4. Dealing with a loved one with dementia at home
  5. Tips on balancing your life as a caregiver with a dementia patient at home
  6. Treatment solutions available for advanced dementia patients


Roopa Biswas
Excellent service. Takes great care of my mother. The weekly visits are much appreciated. Highly recommend to anyone looking for elderly parent care.
Dipankar Ghosh
We are availing services of Tribeca four parents, who live at Salt Lake, for last two years. Such a pleasant experience, and special thanks to Jyotirmoy for always being so prompt and helpful. We know that our parents are at good hands, while We are away.
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