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TriBeCa Travels offers specially designed elder travel packages for senior citizens. Elder travels focus on the needs of senior citizens, and keeps in mind factors such as mobility, medical support and travel support. All trips are assisted by a trained, elder – friendly tour manager. In addition, transport, accommodation & itinerary are also made specifically for the comfort and convenience of the elderly, to ensure they receive the best experience.

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TriBeCa Care has been giving excellent elder care service – both medical care and non medical, to members for the last five years and has been recognized as one of India’s leading elder care company. However, over the years as our members increased in numbers, we as a team felt the need for something more […]

My Father, The Travel Lover

My father has always been the kind to travel to distant places within the country, places that usually involve a lot of (what seems to me unnecessarily) walking. In the earliest memories that I have of him and his travels, he would disappear for days in the end (at least that is what it felt […]

Caring for the Elderly to Prevent Loneliness During the Holidays

For most of us, holidays are a time for festivities and merry making. It is a time when families get together and celebrate. The festive spirit pervades the air. However, for older people or senior citizens, the holidays can be a particularly trying time. As age catches up with people, their mobility gets compromised. Their […]