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Tribeca Care is Kolkata's largest elder care company. Along with elder care facility we provide various other healthcare services including physiotherapy, psychotherapy, Nursing, Attendant, Doctor Visit. Tribeca Care provides much more than just medicines or ambulances for the elderly. It provides Dignity, Compassion, Companionship and Peace of Mind.

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  • Convenient Home Care

    Whether you are recovering from surgery or illness, living with a chronic disease like COPD or Diabetes, we will provide nursing, rehabilitation and medical supplies at Home.

  • Elder Care Experts

    If you are arranging long term Elder Care for a loved one, we will provide fully Managed Care supported by your personal Care Manager.

  • Rehabilitation Specialists

    If you are suffering from chronic pain or depression, feeling stressed or struggling with mobility issues get treated by expert physiotherapists or psychologists.

  • Patient-Centric Care

    We provide much more than just doctors or ambulances or blood tests. We provide Dignity, Compassion, Companionship and Peace of Mind.

  • One-Stop Platform

    We provide a range of services - doctors, blood tests, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, nurses, geriatric care workers, attendants, medical devices.

  • Strong Care Partners

    We work with top hospitals, consultants, device manufacturers and technology companies to improve care monitoring and follow-ups.

Why Choose Us


“Thank you Tribeca Care for being there when we could not, for being our eyes and ears when ours were too far to see or hear and above all for being the walking stick for someone who needed it badly. Thank you for everything.”
- Sutapa Roy Ramanan
“ I want to thank Tribeca Care for the care they have taken of my parents at Kolkata. What stands out is the genuine compassion that every member of this outstanding firm has shown. You know how to deal with elderly people, balancing the guidance and support they need with the dignity they deserve. We wish you all success in your venture!”
- Ashish Chatterjee

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Kolkata's largest elder care company Tribeca Care is an integrated healthcare and homecare organisation. We work with leading hospitals of Kolkata, experienced doctors, nurses, diagnostic centres. Tribeca Care will provide all the required support and guidelines to you along with medical infrastructure, public relations for delivering the best healthcare services to all. Contact Tribeca about joining our team.