Coming Home for Christmas

Coming Home for Christmas

It has been more than a decade since I left home for a career opportunity in the States. Although I visit my parent every year but haven’t been home for Christmas for all these years. It was sometime in August when my wife was sharing her school-day Christmas stories. I suddenly realised how badly I miss those childhood days of mine even today. People generally have a perception that the opportunity to live in the US is the best thing one could have but I can tell how lonely and isolated sometimes life can be. Far away in a different land with different types of people is enriching but when you are still Indian to your core, nostalgia is bound to be there.

So inspired by those childhood memories, I called Ma the next morning and told her that I am coming home this Christmas. She was happily surprised and immediately called my father to inform him about my plans. I could feel their happiness and moist faces. Suddenly, I realised how small decisions can bring so much happiness into your parents’ lives.

The next day we booked our tickets and started shopping and buying gifts for Ma-Baba and relatives with excitement.

The flight from the US to Kolkata is not an easy one. My mind flew back to my childhood days when celebrating Christmas with Ma-Baba at Park Street was a ritual that was followed for decades until I left home. I shared most of the stories with my wife and she listened to them with excitement and laughter. Sometimes words are not enough when you have so much to say.

A wave of nostalgia swept over me as the plane landed in Netaji Subhas International Airport. It had been years since I’d been home on Christmas. Although Christmas in Kolkata is never as big as is in the US but this time I know I am going to cherish my Christmas with Ma-Baba forever. Coming home for Christmas holiday is perhaps one of the best decision I took. – Gautam Bhattacharya.

Togetherness is the most effective remedy for old age. Your parents must have toiled hard and sacrificed their happiness to make you what you are. They wait with hope to be with you if not daily then at least on occasions like Christmas and New Year. Your arrival brings an amazing sense of fulfillment in their life and your departure creates a torturous vacuum. A few hours with them could help them have meaningful moments so that they could fight isolation with colorful memories, with the hope that you will come again and bring joy.

With the full understanding of your limitations and priorities, TriBeCa Club has planned events in such a manner that the right balance could be ensured. Join the event and be a witness to the real joy of togetherness.

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