Do You Have Dextrophobia?


Are you afraid of objects on your right? If YES, you can have dextrophobia. You might be confused of what this dextrophobia really means. Then let us tell you in detail about this condition.

What is Dextrophobia?

Dextrophobia is an irrational kind of fear, where people feel as if there are some objects to their right. Anyone who suffers from this fear might well endure highly annoying periods of anxiousness due to their mental illness. People nearly portray a compulsive kind of behaviour, which is quite reminiscent of that of those with the obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Someone who experiences dextrophobia might carry out certain strange compulsions to make sure that no objects must reside to the right side of their body. Now, this could well mean that a person with dextrophobia, while sitting on the couch would ensure that all the pillows over there were on their left side. The same goes for TV remotes and other objects.


Now let us talk a little bit in detail about the kinds of symptoms, which people might encounter when they suffer from dextrophobia. They include:

  • People can experience an intense level of anxiety
  • Having objects on the right-hand side can turn intense anxiety into a full panic attack.
  • This fear can make things really difficult for people to cope up with the daily activities of life.
  • Those living with this fear can become too concerned with the positioning of other objects.
  • People suffering from dextrophobia can feel uncomfortable and become a debilitating problem when they go to any store or go for a walk in the park.


The real causes behind developing this fear are not known. Still, there are certain factors, which doctors believe might contribute towards the emergence of this problem. They include the following:

  • The environment in which one resides
  • Someone in the family might have suffered from mental illness, particularly with phobias and anxiety disorders.
  • Trauma from a car accident, wherein people might have been hit on their right side. Since then, they could fear any object on the right side.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, wherein people might have some strange compulsions and obsessions in life that are totally out of touch with reality.


Unfortunately, there is no method of treatment, known to let people get rid of this problem of dextrophobia. Still, there are certain techniques, which if implemented, could help in treating this problem and thus help affected people recover. They include:
1. Cognitive behavioural therapy can be an extremely effective mode of treatment for people suffering from the fear of having objects on their right. This is a talk therapy that helps to reduce the symptoms connected with this mental problem.

2. Patients can even go for another beneficial treatment method to get rid of their phobia, which is known by the name of exposure therapy. In this case, a therapist steadily exposes them to objects belonging to their right side.

3. Exposure therapy can desensitize people from their fear by gradually exposing them to it over a span of time.

4. Anti-anxiety medicines might also help to reduce the anxiety symptoms linked with dextrophobia.

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