Old Age Homes in Kolkata

Old Age Homes in Kolkata

Find the insider information on old age homes, retirement facilities or special needs homes in town. Get an “Aashray” membership and consult your dedicated Senior Citizen Advisor today.

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  • Homes for mentally/physically disabled
  • EMI options at select facilities.
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4.50 (3 reviews)
New Town, Kolkata
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4.33 (3 reviews)
Gobindapur, Sreerampur
4.25 (2 reviews)
Ramnagar, Baruipur
4.17 (3 reviews)
Kanaipur, Hooghly
4.08 (6 reviews)
Santoshpur, Kolkata
4.00 (2 reviews)
Sugandha, Chinsurah
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3.75 (2 reviews)
Salt Lake, Sector III, Kolkata
Sunderban Nirmal Parisheba Old Age Homes.jpg
3.50 (2 reviews)
Chunaripota, Sonarpur
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Care Services for the Elderly at Home

24/7 Emergency Response Helpline: an award-winning emergency response platform. Help with ambulance arrangements and hospitalizations.

Trained nurses and attendants for part- and full-time care – physical assistance and companionship for senior citizens. Patient care available with ICU trained nurses, GDAs and devices for rent and sale to provide full ICU set up at home

Assisted Telemedicine platform to help senior citizens connect on video calls with top doctors from the comfort of their homes. Our Care Managers assist with Video Call set-up, Home Diagnostics, and Medicines based on doctor advice.

Dare to Care Grocery Delivery and Errand Services – a novel initiative to focus on groceries, bank assistance and medicine at home. A low-touch delivery mechanism to ensure social distancing protocols.

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