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TriBeCa Care is India’s Leading Elder Care Platform

We provide an exhaustive range of home care services for your loved ones. From emergency response to COVID care at home. We understand that geriatric home care can be daunting. Therefore, TriBeCa Care services are designed to bring you peace of mind.

We arrange doctors, premium nurses, attendants, medical supplies and rehabilitation support in Kolkata, Howrah, Kalyani & Bhubaneswar locations. We create unique eldercare packages managed by your dedicated Care Manager.

But TriBeCa Care provides much more than just medicines or ambulances for the elderly. It provides Dignity, Companionship and Expertise. For more information, Book an assessment now or call us at +913366064208 and get a free consultation with our Care Expert.

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Our Services

TriBeCa Care provides wide range of services including help with pre & post hospitalization, full time attendant at home, physiotherapy at home & clinic, psychotherapy, medical devices and 24/7 emergency responses. We have designed our elder care packages to fit the need of our individual members. You name it, we’ve got it! TriBeCa Care brings the best elder care services at your doorstep.
Managed Elder Care

Managed Elder Care

TriBeCa’s Managed Elder Care offers non-clinical services for those elderly people who do not necessarily need a lot of assistance with activities of daily living but would like someone around the house from time to time. Our trained care managers provide companionship and support at home. With us, your loved ones are in safe hands.

24x7 Ambulance service in Kolkata

Ambulance Services

TriBeCa Care’s emergency ambulance service is a 24/7 service for members who need to be hospitalised at short notice to the hospital of the member’s choice. TriBeCa has an extensive registration process for new Members, such that if an Emergency were to occur we can activate the response protocol sooner.

Help with hopitalization for Elderly

Help with Hospitalization

TriBeCa Care helps its elder care patients with the entire hospitalization process, be it COVID or Non-COVID. Our Hospital Admissions & Assistance services are especially useful to the children of members who live in Kolkata, Howrah, Bhubaneswar & Kalyani and would like to have a professional organization to coordinate the activities and report back to the key contact who is not present in the city when their loved one is in hospital.

Home Care service for elderly

Full Time Help at Home

We have full-time, in-home premium nurses and attendants who help our elder care members convalesce at home. We train them and verify their backgrounds before we send them to your home. TriBeCa’s Nurses/Attendants will gently stand by your loved ones helping them and providing them support in all forms during COVID and Non-COVID time. You can be assured that you or your loved one will receive world-class care right at home.

Dementia Care specialist in Kolkata

Dementia Care

If your loved one is suffering from dementia, TriBeCa Care’s dementia care is what you need. We treat our elder care members with dementia with the help of psychotherapy and counseling sessions at home. This helps them cope with the many challenges that come with dementia and memory loss.

Attendant and Ayah Service at Home

Physical Assistance

For those of our elder care members who need physical assistance for doctor visits, COVID vaccination, hospitalisation or  or help with activities of daily living, we have professional caregivers who give them a helping hand. They are also equipped to assess the patient’s needs and coordinate between the family members and the doctors.

Doctors for Home Visits

Home Doctors

Regular health checkups can be a bit of a challenge for the elderly considering their age and mobility. Just think about the long wait at the doctor’s clinic. Now, skip the wait with TriBeCa Care’s home doctors. We have qualified doctors on our staff who will visit your loved one at their home and they will get the best medical attention on a regular basis.

Pain Management and Physiotherapy at home

Pain Management and Physiotherapy

Be it a simple injury or a chronic condition like arthritis, help is at hand for your loved one. TriBeCa Care’s trained physiotherapists will provide physiotherapy and pain management at home.. A combination of exercises, lifestyle planning reinforced by ultrasound and electrical stimulation will help your loved one manage their pain and will make their life easier.

CCTV Camera for elderly

Home Security

TriBeCa Care provides one-stop home security services in Kolkata, Howrah, Bhubaneswar & Kalyani to help you with 24/7 monitoring and peace of mind. Services include installation of CCTV cameras, as well as motion sensors and special phones with SOS buttons, all of which help in faster response time in case an emergency were to occur. In addition, you can monitor it at all times from the comfort of your home.

Senior Travel

Senior Travel

Exclusive travel packages designed for Seniors. Travel with us to enjoy your golden years without anything to worry about. From senior-friendly accommodation and transport to medical support. Our Care Manager will take care of all your needs and priorities.

Senior Events

Senior Events

TriBeCa Senior Events is designed to keep our seniors active, engaged and part of the community. We provide a wide variety of recreation and leisure activities along seminars for seniors to uproot their loneliness and depression.

Senior Events

Essential Service

Dare to Care, a service initiated given the need of the day, during COVID 19 lockdown phase. We are now providing all essential services, such as grocery and medicine delivery, bank work assistance and any other service required by seniors and elders. Our services are hassle-free and ensures no contact delivery while keeping the hygiene factors in place to ensure senior safety.

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