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TriBeCa Care offers high-quality Physiotherapy services by trained and certified physiotherapists in Kolkata. We provide a range of therapies for musculoskeletal problems, stroke rehabilitation, sports injuries, chronic pain or specialist services like pulmonary rehabilitation. Whether recovering from a simple sports injury or dealing with long term chronic issues like arthritis, back pain, knee pain or foot pain, our therapists are equipped to improve your mobility or reduce your pain and discomfort. Physiotherapy home services in also available.

Recovery often needs a multi-prong approach: from exercises to lifestyle plans reinforced by ultrasound and electric stimulation. TriBeCa physiotherapists help restore your strength, improve your recovery and strengthens your muscles for a pain-free you.

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TriBeCa Care provides a range of services including Pain Management, Neuro Rehab, Pulmonary Rehab and Geriatrics Rehab. TriBeCa Care’s excellent team of trained and experienced physiotherapists gives you the best of treatment at your home & clinic in kolkata.
Pain Management at home - Tribeca care, Kolkata

Pain Management

Pain may be caused by chronic illnesses like arthritis or temporary conditions like a sprain or a broken bone or after a surgery. The best non-drug way to deal with it is with physiotherapy. Manage chronic pain like knee pain, back pain or arthritis and other kinds of pain like a frozen shoulder with TriBeCa Care’s physiotherapy. We have trained and experienced physiotherapists who help you manage pain at home.

Pulmonary Rehab at home, Kolkata

Pulmonary Rehab

For those with pulmonary disorders, TriBeCa Care offers pulmonary rehab. Our chest physiotherapy or CPT is targeted towards mobilising or loosening secretions in the lungs and the respiratory tract. Our pulmonary rehab consists of external mechanical maneuvers, such as chest percussion, postural drainage, vibration to help with mobilization and clearance of airway secretions, diaphragmatic breathing with pursed-lips, coughing and controlled coughing.

Neuro Rehab - Tribeca care, Kolkata

Neuro Rehab

Patients suffering from conditions like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, diabetic and peripheral neuropathy, motor neuron disease, GB syndrome or a slipped disc often experience neurological malfunction. The aim of TriBeCa Care’s neuro rehab is to improve functionality through physiotherapy for those suffering from neurological disorders or neurological impairment caused by trauma. Our physiotherapists are trained to help improve mobility.

Post operative Cardiac Rehab - Tribeca care, Kolkata

Post Operative Cardiac Rehab

People, who have had heart conditions like angina, can live an active and better life with post operative cardiac rehab or CR. TriBeCa Care’s post operative cardiac rehab is a carefully planned programme of exercises aimed at patients after a heart attack, stroke, heart surgery or procedure. Our physiotherapist will prescribe specific exercises tailored to fit your specific condition and suggest lifestyle changes to keep your heart healthy.

Physiotherapy for Pediatric Rehab - Tribeca care, Kolkata

Pediatric Rehab

TriBeCa Care’s pediatric rehab is for children suffering from conditions like cerebral palsy, white matter disorder or hydrocephalus. It is also for those children that exhibit delayed milestones or require deformity correction. It helps them in starting to walk, improves balance and grip. Our pediatric rehab service helps the development of overall bodily functions. Pediatric rehab is aimed at better mobility, co-ordination of limbs, posture and the cardio respiratory system.

Physiotherapy for muscle pain

Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders affect muscles, ligaments and tendons and bones. Physiotherapy has been known to lessen musculoskeletal pain caused by damaged muscle tissue, trauma to a specific area caused by a fall, an accident, sprain or dislocation. Musculoskeletal pain can also be caused by prolonged immobilization, postural strain, overuse and repetitive movement. TriBeCa Care’s physiotherapy for musculoskeletal disorders includes exercises that strengthen and stretch muscles. This improves mobilisation and corrects spinal alignment.

Geriatric Physiotherapy - Tribeca, Kolkata

Geriatrics Rehabilitation

TriBeCa Care’s geriatric rehab service is physical therapy for elderly people suffering from conditions beginning from Alzheimer’s to urinary incontinence. Physiotherapy in the elderly can help improve strength, mobility, coordination, flexibility and endurance. It can also lessen the intensity of pain in those who suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis. It is especially helpful for those temporarily paralysed after a stroke. Our trained physiotherapists are also experienced in dealing with the elderly.

speech therapy treatment

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy improves a person’s ability to understand or express language better. Speech impairment among adults and children happen due to many reasons – strokes, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy or other congenital issues. TriBeCa Care’s speech therapy team works with each individual for as long as needed to improve speech and communication challenges.

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